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180-gram 2lp Opaque Blue Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 19/09/2019

Limited Edition Opaque Blue 180-gram 2LP vinyl.

This definitive vinyl edition of The Velvet Underground's 'lost' fourth album presents one cohesive collection on two LPs, with many tracks and mixes making their vinyl debut. You'll hear the original 1969 mixes of "Foggy Notion," "I'm Sticking with You," "Andy's Chest," "She's My Best Friend," "I'm Gonna Move Right In," "Ferryboat Bill," "Ocean," and "Rock and Roll", plus instrumentals of "Guess I'm Falling in Love" and alternate versions of "Hey Mr. Rain" and "Beginning to See the Light". 

  1. Foggy Notion (LP 1, side 1)
  2. One of These Days (LP 1, side 1)
  3. Lisa Says (LP 1, side 1)
  4. I'm Sticking With You (LP 1, side 1)
  5. Andy's Chest (LP 1, side 1)
  6. I Can't Stand It (LP 1, side 2)
  7. She's My Best Friend (LP 1, side 2)
  8. We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (LP 1, side 2)
  9. I'm Gonna Move Right In (LP 1, side 2)
  10. Ferryboat Bill (LP 1, side 2)
  11. Coney Island Steeplechase (LP 2, side 1)
  12. Ocean (LP 2, side 1)
  13. Rock and Roll (LP 2, side 1)
  14. Ride Into the Sun (LP 2, side 1)
  15. Hey Mr. Rain (version 1) (LP 2, side 2)
  16. Guess I'm Falling in Love (instrumental) (LP 2, side 2)
  17. Temptation Inside Your Heart (LP 2, side 2)
  18. Stephanie Says (LP 2, side 2)
  19. Hey Mr. Rain (version 2) (LP 2, side 2)
  20. Beginning to See the Light (early version) (LP 2, side 2)
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