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Best Of Everything - Definitive Career Spanning

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180-gram Vinyl LP
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Geffen Records
RELEASE DATE: 19/09/2019
Limited four 180gm vinyl LP pressing. This collection of personal favorites and important milestones is the first anthology to span Petty's entire career, from the first album to Mudcrutch 2. The album contains 38 tracks including the hits "Free Fallin'", "American Girl", "You Don't Know How It Feels", "You Wreck Me" and many more. The album also includes two unreleased tracks, "The Best of Everything (Alternate Version)" and the previously unreleased and unheard "For Real".
  1. Free Fallin'
  2. Free Fallin' (Side A)
  3. Mary Jane's Last Dance (Side A)You Wreck Me (Side A)
  4. Mary Jane's Last Dance You Wreck Me
  5. I Won't Back Down
  6. I Won't Back Down (Side A)
  7. Saving Grace (Side A)
  8. Saving Grace
  9. You Don't Know How It Feels
  10. You Don't Know How It Feels (Side B)
  11. Don't Do Me Like That (Side B)
  12. Don't Do Me Like That
  13. Listen to Her Heart
  14. Listen to Her Heart (Side B)
  15. Breakdown (Side B)
  16. Breakdown
  17. Walls (Circus)
  18. Walls (Circus) (Side B)
  19. The Waiting (Side A)
  20. The Waiting
  21. Don't Come Around Here No More
  22. Don't Come Around Here No More (Side A)
  23. Southern Accents (Side A)
  24. Southern Accents
  25. Angel Dream (No.2)
  26. Angel Dream (No.2) (Side A)
  27. Dreamville (Side A)
  28. Dreamville
  29. I Should Have Known It
  30. I Should Have Known It (Side B)
  31. Refugee (Side B)
  32. Refugee
  33. American Girl
  34. American Girl (Side B)
  35. The Best of Everything (Side B)
  36. The Best of Everything
  37. Wildflowers
  38. Wildflowers (Side A)
  39. Learning to Fly (Side A)
  40. Learning to Fly
  41. Here Comes My Girl
  42. Here Comes My Girl (Side A)
  43. The Last DJ (Side A)
  44. The Last DJ
  45. I Need to Know
  46. I Need to Know (Side A)
  47. Scare Easy (Side B)
  48. Scare Easy
  49. You Got Lucky
  50. You Got Lucky (Side B)
  51. Runnin' Down a Dream (Side B)
  52. Runnin' Down a Dream
  53. American Dream Plan B
  54. American Dream Plan B (Side B)
  55. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Side B)
  56. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  57. Trailer
  58. Trailer (Side A)
  59. Into the Great Wide Open (Side A)
  60. Into the Great Wide Open
  61. Room at the Top
  62. Room at the Top (Side A)
  63. Square One (Side A)
  64. Square One
  65. Jammin' Me
  66. Jammin' Me (Side A)
  67. Even the Losers (Side B)
  68. Even the Losers
  69. Hungry No More
  70. Hungry No More (Side B)
  71. I Forgive It All (Side B)
  72. I Forgive It All
  73. For Real
  74. For Real (Side B)
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