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Binary Garden

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Vinyl LP
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Ent. One Music
RELEASE DATE: 19/09/2019
Vinyl LP pressing. Auras new album explores the complex relationship between humankind and technology, as people evolve from symbiotic parts of mother nature into cybernetic bits of code. The intellectual depth of the subject matter on Binary Garden is juxtaposed by it's immediate accessibility. The expansion of Auras into bigger melodic hooks is more suited to the digital single oriented era than ever, even as Binary Garden works as a cohesive whole. Auras hail from a country that's produced a high volume of heavy music innovation. It's the nation that blessed the world with the legendary Rush, prog-metal pioneers Voivod, metalcore madmen Protest The Hero, and death metal stalwarts Cryptopsy. A newer entry to this lineage, Auras operate in a musical landscape instantly familiar to devotees of Meshuggah, Periphery, The Contortionist, and Tool. But their specific take on the genre combines the bite of thrash, the weight of death metal, and the spirit of hardcore with a hypnotic groove-oriented pulse shrouded in a captivating atmosphere.
  1. Momenta
  2. Pseudo Intellect
  3. Erode
  4. Another Place
  5. Whiteout
  6. Demoness
  7. Disenchant
  8. The Last Canary
  9. Essence
  10. Abyss
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