Boarding House Reach

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180-gram Vinyl LP
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Third Man Records
RELEASE DATE: 22/03/2019
Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Boarding House Reach is the 2018 solo album from Jack White, and is a testament to the breadth of the artist's creative power and his bold artistic ambition. This material finds Jack White expanding his musical palate with perhaps his most ambitious work thus far, a collection of songs that are simultaneously timeless and modern. Written and conceived while holed up in a spartan apartment with literally no outside world distractions, White exclusively used the same kind of gear he had when he was 15 years old (a quarter-inch four-track tape recorder, a simple mixer, and the most basic of instrumentation). The album explores a remarkable range of sonic terrain - crunching rock 'n' roll, electro and hard funk, proto punk, hip hop, gospel blues, and even country - all remapped and born anew to fit White's matchless vision and sense of restless experimentation. Boarding House Reach was produced by Jack White III and recorded at Third Man Studio in Nashville, TN, Sear Sound in New York, NY, and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
  1. Connected By Love Side A
  2. Connected By Love
  3. Why Walk a Dog?
  4. Why Walk a Dog?
  5. Corporation
  6. Corporation
  7. Abulia and Akrasia
  8. Abulia and Akrasia
  9. Hypermisophoniac
  10. Hypermisophoniac
  11. Ice Station Zebra
  12. Ice Station Zebra
  13. Over and Over and Over Side B
  14. Over and Over and Over
  15. Everything You've Ever Learned
  16. Everything You've Ever Learned
  17. Respect Commander
  18. Respect Commander
  19. Ezmerelda Steals the Show
  20. Ezmerelda Steals the Show
  21. Get in the Mind Shaft
  22. Get in the Mind Shaft
  23. What's Done Is Done
  24. What's Done Is Done
  25. Humoresque
  26. Humoresque
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