Don't Smoke Rock Instrumentals

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Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 24/05/2019
Instrumental version of critically acclaimed album by Smoke DZA and legendary producer Pete Rock - Pete Rock has produce for Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few - Pete Rock has over 1.1 million career scans - This marks the first time that the instrumentals from Don't Smoke Rock have ever been released and it includes a bonus instrumental from a previously unreleased track - Special edition yellow teal is available"
  1. Intro (Instrumental)
  2. Limitless (Instrumental)
  3. Black Superhero Car (Instrumental)
  4. Hold the Drums (Instrumental)
  5. Moving Weight Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
  6. Wild 100S (Instrumental)
  7. Last Name (Instrumental)
  8. 1 of 1 (Instrumental)
  9. Milestone (Instrumental)
  10. Show Off (Instrumental)
  11. Dusk 2 Dusk (Instrumental)
  12. I Ain't Scared (Instrumental)
  13. Until Then (Instrumental)
  14. Cheeba (Instrumental)
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