Eye to the Telescope (LIMITED EDITION)

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180-gram Translucent Red Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 19/07/2019

Limited edition translucent red vinyl!

On her 2006 debut album, KT Tunstall reveals herself to be a soulful vocalist, a restless musician, and a serious songwriter. Slower songs like "False Alarm" have the lazy, jazzy undercurrents of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, while faster cuts like the singles "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" or "Suddenly I See" have a compelling urgency. The track "Miniature Disasters" catalogues her desires for unfettered self-expression. 'Eye to the Telescope' was certified 5x platinum in the UK and has sold 2.6 million copies worldwide.

  1. Other Side of the World
  2. Another Place to Fall
  3. Under the Weather
  4. Black Horse & the Cherry Tree
  5. Miniature Disasters
  6. Silent Sea
  7. Universe & U
  8. False Alarm
  9. Suddenly I See
  10. Stoppin' the Love
  11. Heal Over
  12. Through the Dark
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