Greatest Hits

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Vinyl LP
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Ramblin Records
RELEASE DATE: 21/04/2019
100% Analog. Re-mastered for vinyl using the original tape masters. Expanded version with two additional LP-only studio cuts. Contains the hits Can t You See, Heard It In A Love Song, Fire On The Mountain and Take The Highway. Includes five rare 45 rpm single versions! Newly remastered.
  1. Take the Highway
  2. Blue Ridge Mountian Sky
  3. In My Own Way
  4. Fire on the Mountain
  5. Heard It in a Love Song
  6. Ramblin'
  7. Searchin' for a Rainbow
  8. I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You
  9. 24 Hours at a Time
  10. Long Hard Ride
  11. Can't You See
  12. Too Stubborn
  13. This Ol' Cowboy
  14. Desert Skies
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