I'm Stranded

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Vinyl LP
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4 Men With Beards
RELEASE DATE: 20/05/2019
You could probably just take that blurb for Marquee Moon, substitute "NYC" with "QLD", and that'd fit nicely for this gem, too. No subtlety required here: this is, quite simply, one of the greatest Australian albums ever recorded. Every house could use two copies: one to play, one to cuddle. 180-gram vinyl.
  1. I'm Stranded
  2. One Way Street
  3. Wild About You
  4. Messin' with the Kid
  5. Erotic Neurotic
  6. Kissin' Cousins
  7. Story of Love
  8. Demolition Girl
  9. Nights in Venice
  10. Lipstick on Your Collar
  11. River Deep Mountain High
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