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Translucent Blue 2lp Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 20/05/2019
Limited edition translucent blue 2LP! Pharrell’s 'In My Mind', his first project minus longtime partner Chad Hugo, was not only a deviation from N.E.R.D.’s hard-driving production style, but also a hugely successful debut for the artist turned tastemaker. 'In My Mind' is a vibrant mix of out-for-self narratives wrapped in production that teeters between mainstream radio hits and smoothed out, heady tracks — all of it couched in a star-studded mixture of celebrated collaborations. “Stay With Me” features Pusha T’s intricately crime-driven bars, while “Number One” features Kanye West. In addition, Snoop Dogg makes an appearance on “That Girl” and Gwen Stefani pops in on the album’s opener, “Can I Have It Like That.” Towering iconic rap figure/CEO, Jay-Z, appears on “Young Girl/I Really Like You.” The album is a polished effort, finding Pharrell’s mainstream-driven sights realized as he croons on some songs while delivering raps on others in an easy-to-follow approach that lends to the album’s commercial, easy listening aesthetic. The cult of Pharrell grew astoundingly following this project and its catchy, varied soundscapes aided in making Pharrell the cultural figure he is now. 'In My Mind' was nominated for a GRAMMY® in 2007 for Best Rap Album and it has sold more than two million units in the U.S. to date.
  1. Can I Have It Like That (Side A)
  2. How Does It Feel (Side A)
  3. Rasphy Shit (Side A)
  4. Best Friend (Side B)
  5. You Can Do It (Side B)
  6. Keep It Playa (Side B)
  7. That Girl (Side C)
  8. Angel (Side C)
  9. Young Girl/Really Like You (Side C)
  10. Stay With Me (Side D)
  11. Baby (Side D)
  12. Our Father (Side D)
  13. Number One (Side D)
  14. Show You How To Hustle (Side D)
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