Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

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Sanctuary Records
RELEASE DATE: 19/07/2019
THE KINKS ARE THE VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY Somewhat overlooked upon it's release in November 1968, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is now seen as one of the best British albums ever recorded. Created in difficult circumstances by a band who refused to follow fashion, it is an album of timeless, perfectly crafted songs about growing up and growing old, and the decline of national culture and traditional ways. Enduring and unsurpassed, with it's wit, sadness, quiet anger, regret and charm, it is generally considered the high point of The Kinks' outstanding career and Ray Davies' masterpiece. A calm, nostalgic album which feels like a sweet, hazy dream but with endless layers of musical and lyrical innovation, The Village Green Preservation Society's defiantly British sensibilities became the foundation of generations of British guitar pop. God Save The Village Green! The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society Vinyl Units Per Set: 1
  1. The Village Green Preservation Society (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  2. Do You Remember Walter? (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  3. Picture Book (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  4. Johnny Thunder (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  5. Last of the Steam-Powered Trains (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  6. Big Sky (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  7. Sitting By the Riverside (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  8. Animal Farm (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  9. Village Green (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  10. Starstruck (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  11. Phenomenal Cat (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  12. All of My Friends Were There (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  13. Wicked Annabella (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  14. Monica (2018 Stereo Remaster)
  15. People Take Pictures of Each Other (2018 Stereo Remaster)
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