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Live At The Bbc 1967-1970 (LIMITED EDITION)

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180-gram Light Blue Vinyl LP
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Hip-o Records
RELEASE DATE: 22/11/2019
Triple 180gm blue, yellow and light blue colored vinyl LP pressing. This prized compilation of BBC performances originally came out on two CDs in 2007. Now, these magnificent Moody performances are seeing their worldwide vinyl debut. These three LPs contain 41 BBC radio and TV performances recorded between 1967 and 1970: "Fly Me High," "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," "Love and Beauty," "Nights in White Satin," "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume," "Ride My See-Saw," "Voices in the Sky," "Tuesday Afternoon," "The Best Way to Travel," "Question," "Legend of a Mind," "Have You Heard," "Never Comes the Day," "The Actor," "Gyspy," "The Sun Set," "Peak Hour" and more from the breakthrough years of one of England's most hallowed bands!
  1. Fly Me High
  2. Don't Let Me Be Understood
  3. Love and Beauty
  4. Leave This Man Alone
  5. Peak Hour
  6. Nights in White Satin
  7. Fly Me High
  8. Twilight Time (Evening)
  9. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  10. Voices in the Sky
  11. Ride My See-Saw
  12. The Best Way to Travel
  13. Voices in the Sky
  14. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  15. Peak Hour
  16. Tuesday Afternoon
  17. Ride My See-Saw
  18. Lovely to See You
  19. Never Comes the Day
  20. To Share Our Love
  21. Send Me No Wine
  22. So Deep Within You
  23. Lovely to See You
  24. Nights in White Satin
  25. The Morning: Another Morning
  26. Ride My See-Saw
  27. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  28. House of Four Doors
  29. Voices in the Sky
  30. The Best Way to Travel
  31. Visions of Paradise
  32. The Actor
  33. Gypsy
  34. The Sun Set
  35. Never Comes the Day
  36. Are You Sitting Comfortably
  37. Poem: The Dream
  38. Have You Heard
  39. Nights in White Satin
  40. Legend of a Mind
  41. Question
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