Noise Vs Beauty

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Limited double colored vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the third album from one of the longest standing and most respected artists in American Electronic Dance Music. His art brazenly oversteps the bounds of contemporary EDM, pulling from a dynamic array of source material and attracting lovers of all genres, from Dubstep to Metal, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, and all forms of EDM and beyond. For this album, he has enlisted vocalists Rye Rye, Fashawn, Zion I, and Donnis.
  1. F.U.N
  2. Now (Feat. Rye Rye)
  3. Loco Ono
  4. You & Me (Feat. W. Darling)
  5. Lost in the Crowd (Feat. Fashawn, Zion I)
  6. Ephemeral
  7. Hold on (Feat. Tursi)
  8. Noise (Feat. Donnis)
  9. The Future (Feat. Jenna Sousa)
  10. Open Up (Feat. Simon Morel)
  11. Mystery Song (Feat. Beginners)
  12. Don't Hate the 808 (Feat. Lafa Taylor)
  13. Gnar
  14. Flash Back
  15. So Butterfly (2014 Version)
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