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Vinyl LP
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Mexican Summer
RELEASE DATE: 19/07/2019

Guitarist/singer Pedrum Siadatian of the Allah-Las is making his first solo record with his first solo recordings of his first solo songs. It’s simple: he’s making a mark. He started four-tracking strange little song-sketches as the Allah-Las finished their third album Calico Review in 2016— sketches that wouldn’t fit the full band, but that indicated an outré sort of potential. These were slow-growing ideas fed by a certain acid-bitter poetry (Gregory Corso and John Lennon, for two) and by strands and lines unraveled from casually encountered prose or reportage. They’d derive a certain blurry life and sound from the murky music of Kevin Ayers or Syd Barrett, whose cultivations were as likely to bloom into gloom as beauty.

He found a producer and partner-in-grime in adept cinematic psychedelicist Frank Maston, who instinctively understood these songs would fall apart if scrubbed too sternly in the studio. Instead, they worked gently but intently to amplify the strange and mysterious sound of Siadatian’s wobbly hissy L.A. born home tapes. Now PAINT has a happily paradoxical finished-but-not-finished-off feel, like Lou Reed—or Doug Yule, the unfairly ignored Velvet Underground guitarist.

This is PAINT, the substance and the action—it drips, it runs, it changes colors. It’s liquid, ‘til it takes shape. (It’s not a photograph, and not supposed to be.) It’s got mistakes and also mistakes that turned out not to be mistakes, and jokes and puns that turned out to be unexpectedly resonant truths. And if it sounds like it never saw the inside of a real studio, well…some artists just like to work from nature, or their inner nature. Not the desert but the dirt, not the night but the dark, not the sun but the heat and not the sea but the deep, and always the heartbeat blood- rush feel-it! momentum that makes all rock ‘n’ roll rock and roll. “You gotta just keep moving on,” says PAINT. “Stick with it and you can’t go wrong” - just as the painter Piet Mondrian said to Lee Krasner “You must never lose it.” Same idea!

  1. Intro
  2. Daily Gazette
  3. Plastic Dreams
  4. Moldy Man
  5. Silver Streaks
  6. True Love (Is Hard To Find)
  7. Splattered
  8. Just Passin' Thru
  9. I Didn't Know A Thing
  10. Heaven In Farsi
  11. Wash
  12. Outro/Corso
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