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Complete Dreamworks Albums

180-gram 1LP
Sold out
Universal's 'Eels: The Complete DreamWorks Albums' box set reissues the critically acclaimed and highly collectable first 5 Eels vinyl albums, including double 12 inch editions of 'Electro-Shock Blues', heralded as one of the best albums of the 1990s, and 'Electro-Shock Blues Show', arguably the greatest of several live Eels albums, recorded during a tour with Britpop royalty Pulp in 1998 shortly after the release of the classic studio album, on vinyl for the first time, for a total of 8 box set discs. 'Eels: The Complete DreamWorks Albums' is out October 30th. Universal Music will celebrate the unique musical talent and compelling worldview of Mark Oliver Everett, the genius behind Eels, with the October 30th release of 'Eels: The Complete DreamWorks Albums', a beautiful LIMITED EDITION 8 disc vinyl box set, which includes the band's first five studio albums - Beautiful Freak ('96), Electro-Shock Blues ('98), Daisies Of The Galaxy (2000), Souljacker ('01) and Shootenanny! ('03) - plus the Electro-Shock Blues Show double live album (available here exclusively for the first time on vinyl). As part of Universal's Back To Black series 'Eels: The Complete DreamWorks Albums' will be available in deluxe 180 gram vinyl with an MP3 download code. The individual albums (apart from Electro-Shock Blues Show) will also be made available simultaneously. Eels have had one of the most consistently acclaimed careers in music. The ever-changing project of principal singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, Eels have released ten studio albums since their 1996 debut, 'Beautiful Freak'. Mojo magazine calls Everett "a member of rock's very own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, while legendary troubadour Tom Waits says he "eagerly awaits each new release." In 2005 Eels released the stunning 33 track double album 'Blinking Lights and Other Revelations' and in 2008 Everett published his highly-acclaimed book 'Things the Grandchildren Should Know' and starred in the award-winning 'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives' documentary about the search to understand his quantum physicist father, Hugh Everett III. In 2009 Eels began the release of an album trilogy: 'Hombre Lobo', 'End Times', and 'Tomorrow Morning', followed three years later by 2013's 'Wonderful, Glorious' and the critically-acclaimed 'The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett' in 2014. Eels' 'Royal Albert Hall' concert film and live album were released in 2015.
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Track List

Novocaine for the Soul , Susan's House , Rags to Rags , Beautiful Freak , Not Ready Yet , My Beloved Monster , Flower , Guest List , Mental , Spunky 1 Your Lucky Day in Hell 1, Manchild 1, Grace Kelly Blues 1, Packing Blankets 1, The Sound of Fear 1, I Like Birds 1, Daisies of the Galaxy 1, Flyswatter 1, It's a Motherfucker , Estate Sale 2 Tiger in My Tank 2, A Daisy Through Concrete 2, Jeannie's Diary 2, Wooden Nickels 2, Something Is Sacred 2, Selective Memory 2, Mr. E's Beautiful Blues 2, Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor 2, Going to Your Funeral Part I , Cancer for the Cure 3 My Descent Into Madness 3, 3 Speed 3, Hospital Food 3, Electro-Shock Blues 3, Efils' God 3, Going to Your Funeral Part II 3, Last Stop: This Town 3, Baby Genius 3, Climbing to the Moon , Ant Farm 4 Dead of Winter 4, The Medication Is Wearing Off 4, P.S. You Rock My World 4, Dog Faced Boy 4, That's Not Really Funny 4, Fresh Feeling 4, Woman Driving, Man Sleeping 4, Souljacker Part I 4, Friendly Ghost 50. Teenage Witch 5 Bus Stop Boxer 5, Jungle Telegraph 5, World of Shit 5, Souljacker Part II 5, What Is This Note? 5, Cancer for the Cure 5, Fingertips Part III 5, Going to Your Funeral Part I 5, Efil's God 60. Souljacker Part I 6 My Beloved Monster 6, Novocaine for the Soul 6, Not Ready Yet 6, Last Stop: This Town 6, Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas 6, Flower 6, Dead of Winter 6, Electro-Shock Blues 6, The Medication Is Wearing Off 70. Climbing to the Moon 7 All in a Day's Work 7, Saturday Morning 7, The Good Old Days 7, Love of the Loveless 7, Dirty Girl 7, Agony 7, Rock Hard Times 7, Restraining Order Blues 7, Lone Wolf 80. Wrong About Bobby 8 Numbered Days 8, Fashion Awards 8, Somebody Loves You

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