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Don't Count Your Money / Just Not That Girl

180-gram 7in
Sold out
Don't Count Your Money, the latest from certified 'new oldies' crooner Reality Jonez, finds him asking his lost love's new suitor not to rub their romance in his face - it's like counting money in front of a broke man. The flip, "Just Not That Girl," is a midtempo 'stepper' dedicated to the girls of the world who just couldn't win the heart of Mr. Jonez. Limited to 300 copies. 1. Don't Count Your Money 2. Just Not That Girl N N N RED N CROWN CITY ENT. 09/10/2015 2 60775 N N 0 0 1 .09 28837718 13.98 10.75 0 KYMR2.7 659123052511 07 SLY5THAVE & CLUBCASA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA BITCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE / GET FREE 10/02/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/7/5/6/2996570.jpg 001 007 Following the success of their Uptown Funk debut, Sly5thAve & TheClubcasa Chamber Orchestra return with another piece of instant vintage collectors vinyl! This time, Sly5thAve, the composer, arranger and producer is found re-working classics from Kendrick Lamar and Major Lazer on Bitch Don�t Kill My Vibe and Get Free, respectively. Bitch Don�t Kill My Vibe, the cult anthem from Kendrick�s debut Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, gets a full on, blown-out, orchestral hornsre-vamp, sending Lamar�s original verses and melodies soaring through Sly�s brass and woodwinds. This gorgeous composition has already smashed the internet with thousands of soundcloud plays and received burn from SOULECTION DJs, amongst other tastemakers worldwide. Now, hear it for the first time mastered and pressed on high quality vinyl! Get Free, the ambient soul/reggae number from Diplo and crew, receives a floor stomping re-rub, complete with skanking horns to do the job of the roots reggae guitars. The feeling this tune gives us is victorious and by the looks of the live version receiving reposts from Major Lazer, we think our intuitions are right. This is the unreleased studio version. The thing that amazes us about Sly is that he effortlessly puts his own flavors into these covers, often giving them a new identity and life of their own, which some would argue top the original tunes that he�s paying homage to. We couldn�t agree more. Keep up with Kooyman Records for the next to come� 1. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe 2. Get Free N N N N KOOYMAN RECORDS 09/03/2015 2 60776 N N 0 0 1 .12 28851172 9.98 7.72 0 PHPH45005.7 659123053013 07 ACKAMOOR,IDRIS & PYRAMIDS RHAPSODY IN BERLIN PART 1 / PART 2 07/10/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/3/0/9/2999039.jpg 001 012 After the reissue of the three private press albums from the 70's and the European tour in 2010 followed by the release of a new album ("Otherwordly"), spiritual jazz ensemble led by multi-instrumentalist or better multi talented artist Idris Ackamoor seems to have found again the burning fire that gave birth to ecstatic musical compositions and astonishing live performances. The honest love for music, the firm belief in it's social power and their indisputable talent shaped the story and the style of the Pyramids: after moving from Ohio to San Francisco, the Pyramids left for a journey through Africa, where they connected with their musical roots and the trance experience music can induce. About the 7" coming out on Philophon records (actually the very first Pyramids recording on this format) one might use the words Bradie Spellers used at the start of the 2010 tour :"The core of The Pyramids are together again, and it's the music that has brought us together. The cycle of time, the seeds that were planted over 30 years ago, have spouted and they've gotten strong. This is a very special moment, in musical history and in our own personal history, cause the music we're about to do is gonna be fire!". The song was recorded at the Ru-ting Clan Sound Lab in Berlin and produced by Idris Ackamoor and Max Weissenfeldt. A melodic saxophone theme, a groovy funky riffs and a polyrhythmic percussions harmony will walk you through an enchanted jungle that seems kind of quiet at first (Rhapsody in Berlin part 1) despite the sense of it's hidden power, suddenly but elegantly exploding in part 2 where the saxophone takes off and flies free before merging with a singing violin and a percussion madness. Issued in 500 copies, you don't want to miss this. 1. Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 2. Rhapsody in Berlin Part 2 N N N N PHILOPHON 09/08/2015 2 60777 N N 0 0 1 .09 20543730 7.98 7.39 0 SICE9.7 659123054119 07 K-DEF SIGNATURE SEVENS 1 04/09/2013 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/0/5/1/3001503.jpg 001 039 Slice-Of-Spice have teamed up with Ghettoman Beats to present "K-Def Signature Sevens" series on 7" vinyl. Volume 1 is the first in a series of 3 releases coming out in November/December 2012. All of the tracks were recorded during K-Def's "House of Hits" phase on his legendary MPC60 in the B Room during the early '90's. The first release see's K-Def presenting the previously unheard track "What Goes Up" from Rated R.�As with all Slice-Of-Spice pressings no expense has been spared for this vinyl labor of love. The release includes a full color jacket with a 3mm spine, feraturing original artwork by the legendary Joe Buck. This set of 7"s has also been pressed on super heavy 70 gram virgin vinyl.�There are only 500 copies being made available for retail partners worldwide! 1. What Goes Up 2. What Goes Up N N N N SLICE OF SPICE 04/08/2013 5 60778 N N 0 0 1 .22 30826434 10.98 8.06 0 BJUK3.7 659123055819 07 VISIONARIES ALL ALONG / CROWN ROYALE - STRATASPHERE 04/08/2016 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/9/8/6/3316892.jpg 001 039 Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies is starting a 45 Vinyl Series that will feature his own production work & with artists that he worked with (New, Old, & Unreleased). All 45s will be limited edition runs and will be released thru the Beat Junkies' sub-division label: Sound Junkies Recording. The first single contains two new songs as a 'Double A' side featuring two groups that Rhettmatic is a part of: The Visionaries and Crown Royale. The Visionaries' song "All Along" is the first official new song from the West Coast Hip Hop Super Group in 10 years. Rhett samples his good friend, the talented producer/musician/composer Adrian Younge in the latest Visionaries song. Emcees Key-Kool, LMNO, Dannu, 2Mex, and Lord Zen all trade verses over a haunting yet heavy drum break beat talking about bucking the system! The other song, "Stratasphere" is a new song from Crown Royale (Jamall Bufford of The Black Opera and Rhettmatic). Jamall fka Buff1 gets down on a spacey Boom Bap track that Rhett lays down along with traditional scratch chorus hooks, on some dynamic duo DJ/MC steeze. US 1. All Along Feat. the Visionaries 2. Stratasphere Feat. Crown Royale 3. Heaven Stairwell Feat. Guilty Simpson and Kokane (Prod. By Dibia$E) 4. Complicate Feat. Jimetta Rose (Prod. By Chris Keys) 5. Run Feat. Gangrene (Prod. By Oh No) 6. Joy Road (Prod. By Sirplus) 7. Peroxide RMX Feat. Blu and Mibbs (Prod. By Sirplus) 8. Where They at (Prod. By Madlib) 9. Caddy Music Feat. Blu and Elzhi (Prod. By Bombay) 10. Heaven Stairwell Instrumental (Prod. By Dibia$E) 11. Complicate Instrumental (Prod. By Chris Keys) 12. Heaven Stairwell Acapella - Med and Guilty Simpson N N N N BEAT JUNKIE SOUND 03/14/2016 2 60779 N N 0 0 1 .16 28987291 20.98 17.14 0 SCMU103.1 659123047517 01 ILLINGSWORTH WORTH THE WAIT 10/30/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/2/7/7/3017723.jpg 001 039 Doc Illingsworth has been cranking out heat in Detroit for years now. Whether it be solo, instrumental, or rhyming and providing the sonics for his crew Detroit CYDI, his discography has grown as long if not longer than many of his contemporaries. I felt that a full length LP of his work was long overdue. No better time than the present, right? So we made it happen. Better late than never right? Hopefully this will be the first of many for Illingsworth. It took a minute, but it's definitely Worth The Wait. 1. Gimme Some Room 2. Duedads 3. Need Money 4. Kings 5. Eyes Closed 6. Flippedontheneck 7. Shasha 8. Dirlex 9. Coming Daze 10. Throttles 11. Mr. Glow Body 12. Everhard 13. Nihongoga 14. Skipped in 15. Gouty Lips 16. Gone 17. Purple 18. Thought Trap 19. Hoes No Cute 20. X64 N N N N STREET CORNER MUSIC 10/02/2015 5 60780 N N 0 0 1 .51 29129676 15.98 12.10 0 WWCO5.1 659123048415 01 WORDSWORTH / DONEL SMOKES NEW BEGINNING 01/29/2016 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/5/7/4/3044750.jpg 001 039 Vinyl LP pressing. New Beginning is aptly titled because it's the first time for Wordsworth and Donel Smokes to collaborate on an entire project. The outcome is bliss, from Wordsworth's graphic, storytelling style, accompanied by the scenic sounds of Donel Smokes, you get pure, no filter hip hop music. With songs like �F.U.(Fingers Up)� featuring Blu, or �Another Day� featuring Masta Ace, or �Do Good� featuring Chali 2na, you get perspective of life, social issues, and ways to rejoice through it all. Songs like �Hate� and �Test of Test� will definitely spark discussion of reflection, while �Believe� will give you a sense of optimism. This album is a great listen from New Beginning to end. 1. New Beginning 2. Spanish Guitar 3. Test of Time Featuring Range Da Messenga 4. F.U.(Fingers Up) Featuring Blu 5. Another Day Featuring Donel Smokes, Masta Ace 6. Help Featuring Adanita Ross, Pearl Gates 7. Do Good Featuring Chali 2Na, Adanita Ross, Donel Smokes 8. Diamonds 9. Ambition Featuring Queen Herawin, Stricklin, Signif 10. Believe Featuring Pearl Gates 11. Hate 12. Validated N N N N WORLDWIDE COMMUNICAT 11/06/2015 2 60781 N N 0 0 1 .56 39446886 19.98 14.82 3 SKEL77.1 653233964085 01 SENFF,JACK M GOOD TO KNOW YOU 09/06/2019 https://mediacdn.aent-m.com/prod-img/500/27/3720727-2506306.jpg 001 002 US N N N N SKELETAL LIGHTNING 08/20/2019 1 60782 N N 0 3 1 .60 39022103 24.99 17.35 6 CNKT2017.1 653341025760 01 VERHEYEN,CARL ESSENTIAL BLUES 06/07/2019 https://mediacdn.aent-m.com/prod-img/500/81/3666881-2472322.jpg 001 011 A live in the studio recording done in three days, Essential Blues includes the Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues, Texas and Chicago Blues, British Blues and Jazz Blues. There's a bit of R&B and country blues mixed in, too. Vinyl version pressed on 180 gram vinyl and includes download card. US N N N N CRANKTONE ENTERTAINM 04/23/2019 1 60783 N N 0 6 1 .79 33062143 20.98 14.79 3 IKND7.1 653341472946 01 KICKBACK WEDDINGS & FUNERALS 07/21/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/1/1/3/3653113.jpg 001 002 US N N N N INKIND MUSIC 06/02/2017 1 60784 N N 0 3 1 .59 35549802 17.98 13.12 2 JULL6.1 653341473240 01 DWNTWN RACING TIME 01/19/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/5/6/7/0/3750765.jpg 001 002 US N N N N JULLIAN RECORDS 11/21/2017 1 60785 N N 0 2 1 .49 36321667 17.98 12.86 0 JULL11.1 653341473448 01 HAWKS & DOVES FROM A WHITE HOTEL 07/27/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/4/7/9/9/3799974.jpg 001 002 US N N N N JULLIAN RECORDS 06/01/2018 5 60786 N N 0 0 1 .05 36869954 17.98 12.86 1 JULL14.1 653341473844 01 DISTANT COUSINS NEXT OF KIN 11/30/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/6/6/6/6/3836666.jpg 001 002 US N N N N JULLIAN RECORDS 10/17/2018 1 60787 N N 0 1 1 .51 31651752 19.98 14.09 0 THTG88609.1 653341886095 01 MCCLINTON,DELBERT / SELF-MADE MEN PRICK OF THE LITTER 01/27/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/5/3/1/3/3483135.jpg 001 011 Vinyl LP pressing. Multi-Grammy Award winning artist Delbert McClinton is at the top of his game with his 19th studio album, Prick Of The Litter. This offering captures the balance of soulful energy and restraint that the legendary performer has been delivering in his live performances for decades. On Prick of the Litter, Delbert incorporates a variety of styles, blending his signature rhythm and blues sound with a newer jazz-influence inspired by Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole and other legendary crooners. Prick Of The Litter was recorded with the support of McClinton's working band, Self- Made Men who include Bob Britt (guitar), Kevin McKendree (keyboards), Mike Joyce (bass), Jack Bruno (drums) and Quentin Ware (trumpet). The chemistry of this group of musicians, the best band he's ever had according to McClinton is on full display on this album. US 1. Don't Do It 2. Doin' What You Do 3. Middle of Nowhere 4. Skip Chaser 5. San Miguel 6. Pulling the Strings 7. Neva 8. Like Lovin' Used to Be 9. Jones for You 10. The Hunt Is on 11. Bad Haircut 12. Rosy N N N N THIRTY TIGERS 10/18/2016 5 60788 N N 0 0 1 .65 31942652 20.98 14.79 0 RMSR34315.1 653341886293 01 BOMBADIL FENCES 03/03/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/4/0/7/3/3533704.jpg 001 002 US N N N N RAMSEUR REC. 01/12/2017 5 60789 N N 0 0 1 .74 31978910 20.98 14.79 2 RMSR482833.1 653341886491 01 CRAIN,SAMANTHA YOU HAD ME AT GOODBYE 03/24/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/7/4/7/9/3539747.jpg 001 002 US N 180 N N N RAMSEUR REC. 01/20/2017 1 60790 N N 0 2 1 1.01 31978897 19.98 14.09 0 RMSR251288.1 653341886798 01 TIMOTHY SETH AVETT AS DARLING IV 03/31/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/4/7/9/3539748.jpg 001 002 US 1. Disappointing You 2. Should We Move 3. Samuel and the Baler 4. Songbird 5. A Weakness and a Strength 6. Faith Undefined 7. Your World 8. Are You Thinking of Me 9. In These Boots 10. My True Story/A Life to Live 11. Waiting for Something to Die N N N N RAMSEUR REC. 01/20/2017 5 60791 N N 0 0 1 .67 25957600 12.98 8.45 2 RVGI785814.1 654367858141 01 MIRROR MIRROR INTERIORS 03/13/2012 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/4/7/6/2/1972674.jpg 001 002 N N N N RVNG INT'L 02/20/2014 1 60792 N N 0 2 1 .54 23086647 12.98 8.45 2 RVGI7858180.1 654367858189 01 PINK SKULL PSYCHIC WELFARE 03/13/2012 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/5/7/6/2/1972675.jpg 001 002 1. Triangle Skin 2. Hot Bubble Gum 3. Two Bills 4. Mu 5. Either the Luminescent Wallpaper 6. Janine Aubergine 7. Bee Nose 8. Summer Reading 9. Late Night Eggs 10. Salamanders 11. Human Hair Disco 12. Onward to Chicken Bone Beach 13. Ayatollah N N N N RVNG INT'L 12/10/2013 1 60793 N N 0 2 1 .58 28469681 18.98 13.38 0 TIMC11.1 696859946004 01 TYLER,JONATHAN HOLY SMOKES 08/07/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/1/3/1/2931313.jpg 001 002 1. Hallelujah 2. Goin' Down to the City 3. Honey Pie 4. Let It Out 5. To Love Is to Fly (Feat. Nikki Lane) 6. California Sunshine 7. Riverbottom 8. Late Night Special 9. Hey Mama, My Time Ain't Long Disappear 10. Everything Was Cool in 2002 N N N N TIMELESS ECHO 06/24/2015 5 60794 N N 0 0 1 .58 29005413 12.98 8.70 0 PLLO5.7 693723435039 07 MONKS COMPLICATION / OH-HOW TO DO NOW 11/13/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/4/0/0/1490040.jpg 001 002 2009 reissue. First official authorized reissue of Complication/Oh-How To Do Now by legendary avant-garde rockers Monks, originally released by International Polydor Production in 1966. Original artwork. Original master sound. 1. AComplication 2. B1. Oh, How to Do Now N N N N PLAY LOUD PROD 10/07/2015 5 60795 N N 0 0 1 .16 15872753 34.99 22.49 1 LINN363.1 691062036313 01 OBOYLE,MAEVE ALL MY SINS 04/01/2011 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/7/3/3/0/1860337.jpg 001 007 1. Old Greenwich Time 2. The Place You Became 3. Facing Home 4. Taxi 5. Swimming Upstream 6. Butterfly 7. Carnival Attraction 8. All My Sins 9. Romeo 10. Pray It Never Happens N N N N LINN RECORDS 06/21/2011 1 60796 N N 0 1 1 .80 28750888 34.99 22.49 2 LINN600.1 691062060011 01 HAYDN / TICCIATI / SCOTTISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SYMPHONY NO. 101 IN D MAJOR 10/09/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/9/4/3/2983492.jpg 005 158 1. Adagio - Presto 2. Andante (Tracks 1 & 2 on Side A) 3. Menuet - Trio 4. Finale: Vivace (Tracks 3 & 4 on Side B) N N N N LINN RECORDS 08/20/2015 1 60797 N N 0 2 1 .61 09030022 19.98 13.24 0 DCKD2002.1 693461200210 01 DUCK DOWN COLLECT DIS EDITION / VARIOUS DUCK DOWN COLLECT DIS EDITION / VARIOUS 02/11/2003 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/4/2/5/475249.jpg 001 039 1. Rush - Black Moon 2. What's Poppin - Boot Camp Clik 3. Smile in Heaven - Boot Camp Clik 4. All Massive - Tek & Ayatollah 5. Don't Say Shit to Ruck - Sean Price 6. That's What's Up - Starang 7. Fire Burn - Boot Camp Clik 8. The Real - Buckshot 9. Mastered the Style - Rustee Juxx 10. Tell E Mundo - Sean Price 11. You Could Get Shot - Buckshot 12. The Game - Starang Wondah 13. D&D Soundclash - Afu Ra 14. Luv Em or Leave Em Alone - Boot Clik 15. Last Bref - Masta Ace 16. No Justice, No Peace - Cocoa Brovaz 17. I Realize - Boot Camp Clik 18. Blah 19. What's Poppin' 20. Please N N N N DUCK DOWN MUSIC 11/20/2002 5 60798 N N 0 0 1 .72 23287921 15.98 13.15 0 FBGC20750.1 693461207516 01 KIDZ IN THE HALL IN CROWD 05/30/2008 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/5/7/0/1640758.jpg 001 039 Kidz in the Hall, comprised of Naledge and Double-0 are not your average MCs. These Ivy League Graduates of U Penn are co-signed by Just Blaze and 9th Wonder. This is their second full length release on Duck Down Records. Guest appearances on the In Crowd album are The Clipse, Travis of Gym Class Heroes, Phonte of Little Brother, The Cool Kids, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, Buckshot, Camp Lo, Masta Ace, Wale, Tim William, The Pack, Chip the Ripper and Skyzoo. US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama features their hit song 'Work To Do' in his campaign effort and it is posted on Obama's website. 1. Blackout F/ DJ Gi Joe 2. Paper Trail F/Phonte of Little Brother 3. Drivin' Down Block (Low End Theory) F/Masta Ace 4. Lucifer's Joyride Ft. Travis of Gym Class Heroes 5. Snob-Hop F/ Camp Lo 6. Mr. Alladatshit Ft. Donnis 7. Love Hangover Ft. Estelle 8. Let Your Hair Down Ft. Skyzoo and Lil Eddie 9. Middle of the Map PT 1 Ft. Fooch 10. Middle of the Map PT 2 Ft. Black Milk and Guilty Simpson 11. The in Crowd F/ Tim William 12. The Pledge Ft. Sean Price & Buckshot 13. Inner Me 14. Drivin' Down the Block Remix F/The Clipse and the Cool Kids (Bonus Track) N N N N FAT BEAT (GENERIC) 12/17/2013 5 60799 N N 0 0 1 .50 13775582 25.98 16.06 0 ERAT8.1 689492079710 01 ARNALDS,OLAFUR VARIATIONS OF STATIC 07/22/2008 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/1/5/1/0/1380151.jpg 001 015 This is the debut release by Iceland's �lafur Arnold's and the first North American release for the London-based cinematic music label Erased Tapes Records. Arnold's has immersed himself completely in the world of delicate symphonic composition in a near-weightless orchestral undertaking. Mixing strings with loops, ambience, electronics and beats, Arnold's combines classical instrumentation with an indie-rock aesthetic that draws comparison to Sigur R�s. Eulogy for Evolution is an evocative, orchestral suite that takes the listener on a journey, representing different periods of life from birth to death through slow-building and hauntingly melodic chamber music. It comes with a free download voucher for the 11-track Erased Tapes Collection I compilation to celebrate the label's 1st anniversary. �lafur Arnold's and his live string quartet performed at unique venues in the UK, including the oldest custom-built concert hall in Europe, the Holywell Music Room in Oxford, before they continued playing mostly sold-out shows throughout the rest of Europe. Over 500 people came to see �lafur at the State-X Newforms Festival in Den Haag alongside Aphex Twin, as well as at Iceland Airwaves with Amiina and J�hann J�hannsson in Brussels. He is already working on his second full-length record and a string arrangement for Erased Tapes friends, 65daysofstatic. Limited Edition 1. Fok 2. Vid Vorum SM. 3. Haust 4. Lokadu Augunum 5. Himininn Er Ad Hrynja, en STJ Rnurnar Fara P R Vel N N Y CLEAR VINYL N ERASED TAPES 06/16/2008 5 60800 N N 0 0 1 .50 14587757 24.98 16.74 0 PSND64.1 689492092726 01 WILSON,DELROY DUB PLATE STYLE 08/25/2009 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/5/9/0/1540953.jpg 001 010 1. A Bright and Sunny Day 2. You Have to Get a Beating 3. I'm Still Waiting 4. Can I Change My Mind 5. Find Yourself Another Girl 6. Ms. Grace 7. Living in the Footsteps of Another Man 8. Better Must Come 9. Rain from the Skies 10. Joe Liges 11. I Am Doing My Thing 12. She Is Just a Play Girl 13. Love Uprising 14. Here Come the Heartaches 15. Who Cares 16. Mash It Up 17. Stick By Me 18. You Are Mine 19. Conquer Me 20. Do Good (Everyone Will Be Judged) N N N N PRESSURE SOUNDS 07/09/2009 2 60801 N N 0 0 2 .87 14881749 19.98 12.80 0 PSND920971.1 689492097110 01 HARDER SHADE OF BLACK / VARIOUS HARDER SHADE OF BLACK / VARIOUS 02/23/2010 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/5/8/9/5/1595985.jpg 001 010 023 1. I'll Be Around 2. Better Shade of Dub 3. Peace in the Valley 4. Pablo in Dub 5. Problems 6. Children of Israel 7. Columbo 8. Palace of Peace 9. One Thousand Swords 10. Harder Shade of Black N Y N N PRESSURE SOUNDS 01/05/2010 2 60802 N N 0 0 1 .49 15181206 24.98 16.74 0 PSND68.1 689492102814 01 PERRY,LEE & UPSETTERS SOUND SYSTEM SCRATCH 08/31/2010 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/0/6/3/1673608.jpg 001 010 129 N N N N PRESSURE SOUNDS 07/15/2010 2 60803 N N 0 0 1 .82 25099904 23.98 21.50 0 CDB5637747021.1 689492106324 01 LOS VENTURAS KALEYDOSKOP 06/21/2011 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/0/7/1/1871702.jpg 001 002 'Los Venturas' started out in 1998 as 'Harley and The Revtones'. Playing mostly 60s double-picked instro-tunes they aimed to conquer the Belgian surf scene. The same month they did their first gig, 2 demo-tracks were recorded under the supervising eye of John Blair (!). Sadly these tracks have never been released on CD or vinyl, but maybe someday they will appear on a rarities album... By the end of 1999 Los Venturas was formed after a bassist-switch and a change of name, as 'Harley and The Revtones' would wrongly be associated with the motorcycle-brand. The new name had to sound fresh, warm, ad-venturous and exotic. So Los Venturas has nothing to do with The Ventures, 60s-band The Venturas, Jim Carrey's alter ego 'Ace' or the city with the same name. Meanwhile they had found their specific sound and started making own compositions. In 2001 these Belgian youngsters released their first 4-track vinyl-only EP ' Sharkfest'. For some already a classic in neo-surf. For their full-album 'Aloha Summer', Los Venturas wanted to attend that classic 60s surfsound. In early 2003 they went on a trip to London to record in Liam Watson's famous Toe Rag Studio (think of The White Stripes' much praised album Elephant, also recorded in Toe Rag...). Still chasing the sparkle of instrumental power, people came, people went, some traded their instruments, but they all switched into high gear and ventured forth into the vast realm of instro-rock. Thanks to the brilliant songwriting skills of Thomas Molineaux, Aloha Summer had a strong follower, 'Surfers Brew' (2006), an album that mixes ska, surf and a touch of reggae. Mention that all band-members were writing for this album which explains the diversity in styles... Today they provide a mix of surf, ska, funk, rock-steady, soul, groove, reggae, rai and indierock. The 4-track EP 'Besame Mucho' (2007) is the best example of what an instrumental band is capable of... with groovy hot tracks like Theme from P.O.R.N., Met de Vespa op de baan and Rai Uno... they will easily blow your mind. Touring in Italy, England, Switzerland, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, ... they sure have marked their spot in the European instrumental scene. Los Venturas have shared the stage with The Surfaris, The Trashmen, Slacktone, Jon and The Nightriders, Leighton Koizumi (The Morlocks), De Heideroosjes, Bee Dee Kay and The Roller Coaster and many many more. Currently they've finalized the recordings of a new full LP in Pete Curry's 'Powow Fun Room', Los Angeles. The LP will contain 10 originals and two covers and will be called 'Kaleydoskop', referring to the variety of styles and sounds in the songs. It will be released in the beginning of 2011 on Green Cookie Records. 1. Ventura's Groove 2. Dizzy 3. Zot Van a 4. Delerium 5. Revenge of Tiki's Pt. II 6. Bubamara 7. Ganja Party 8. 04:52 Uhr Reeperbahn, St-Pauli 9. Pumpin' 10. Transsibirskaya Magistral 11. Lawrence of Arabia 12. Walk in the Park 13. La Ni�a 14. Brazzaville N N N N CD BABY 12/20/2013 5 60804 N N 0 0 1 .60 22377111 17.98 11.68 0 KSRR1.1 689492110512 01 BUNNY LEE & AGROVATORS DUB WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND 12/03/2013 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/9/8/8/1918892.jpg 001 010 N N N N KING SPINNA RECORDS 10/28/2013 2 60805 N N 0 0 1 .50 14401923 19.98 13.03 0 ERAT6.1 689492072414 01 BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE CHAPTER ONE: LONG WAY FROM HOME 05/12/2009 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/3/5/1/1501538.jpg 001 002 Limited Edition N N Y N ERASED TAPES 03/27/2009 5 60806 N N 0 0 1 .50 36418749 29.98 19.15 0 OZTR8001.1 689492073510 01 TRACTOR WAY WE LIVE - A CANDLE FOR JUDITH 2003 08/03/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/0/2/8/1278202.jpg 001 002 Limited orange vinyl LP pressing. 1971 album by the British outfit. Tractor is a band founded in Rochdale, Lancashire, England by guitarist/vocalist Jim Milne and drummer Steve Clayton in 1971. Both had been members of a beat group, The Way We Live since 1966. They are notable for their appreciation by John Peel and Julian Cope. John Peel bought the band recording equipment and a stereo PA system. He also convinced the band to change their The Way We Live name. Looking out of his kitchen window at Peel Acres in Suffolk, he spied a tractor in the fields adjacent to his house and recommended it as a name to them. US N N N ORANGE N OZIT (REDEYE) 06/27/2018 2 60807 N N 0 0 1 .76 28338932 19.98 14.09 0 RMSR19842.1 696859946240 01 CRAIN,SAMANTHA UNDER BRANCH & THORN & TREE 07/17/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/0/8/4/2904803.jpg 001 002 1. Killer 2. Kathleen 3. Elk City 4. Outside the Pale 5. You or Mystery 6. When You Come Back 7. Big Rock 8. All in 9. If I Had a Dollar 10. Moving Day N 200 N N N RAMSEUR REC. 05/26/2015 2 60808 N N 0 0 1 .79 28143369 18.98 13.38 0 BCMS11.1 696859946295 01 BHI BHIMAN RHYTHM & REASON 05/18/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/0/5/6/2866508.jpg 001 002 N N N N BOOCOO MUSIC 04/03/2015 5 60809 N N 0 0 1 .50 28503989 18.98 13.38 1 ARVL717879.1 696859965838 01 AMANFU,RUBY STANDING STILL 09/11/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/9/8/8/2938899.jpg 001 002 023 1. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) 2. Where You Going 3. As the Dawn Breaks 4. Shadow on the Wall 5. Out at Sea 6. Cathedrals 7. Streetlights 8. Not Dark Yet 9. One By One 10. I Tried N N N N ARRIVAL RECORDS 07/07/2015 1 60810 N N 0 1 1 .58 28733942 23.98 18.35 0 ATTL41.1 696859965906 01 BLACK LILLIES HARD TO PLEASE 10/02/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/4/4/8/9/2979844.jpg 001 002 1. Hard to Please 2. That S the Way It Goes Down 3. Mercy 4. The First Time 5. Bound to Roam 6. Dancin 7. Desire 8. 40 Days 9. Broken Shore 10. Fade N N N N ATTACK MONKEY PROD. 08/18/2015 5 60811 N N 0 0 2 1.09 28655923 23.98 15.93 0 MAIL2118.1 698268211872 01 BUFFETT,JIMMY TAKE THE WEATHER WITH YOU 10/02/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/6/1/1/5/2965116.jpg 001 002 Take the Weather with You is the twenty-sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, originally released on RCA Records on October 2006. It peaked at #1 on Billboard's country charts, also reaching #4 on the "Billboard 200". 10 of the 14 songs on the album are covers - the second most Buffett has ever done on an album. The song "Breathe In, Breathe out, Move On" was written for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The song "Bama Breeze" was a homage to the beach-front bars that dotted the coast before they were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and at the end of the music video a message confirms this fact. The songs "Party at the End of the World" and "Bama Breeze" were tour names in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The album is the first since Christmas Island in which the title track was not written or co-written by Buffett. 1. Bama Breeze 2. Party at the End of the World 3. Weather with You 4. Everyboy's on the Phone 5. Whoop de Doo 6. Nothin' But the Breeze 7. Cinco de Mayo in Memphis 8. Reggabilly Hill 9. Elvis Presley Blues 10. Hula Girl at Heart 11. Wheel Inside the Wheel 12. Silver Wings 13. Breath in, Breathe Out, Move on 14. Duke's on Sunday N N N N MAILBOAT RECORDS 07/31/2015 2 60812 N N 0 0 1 1.24 28735069 15.98 10.83 0 SLRR111.1 696859966132 01 FRITTS, DONNIE OH MY GOODNESS 10/09/2015 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/b/500/5/0/7/9/2979705.jpg 001 002 N N N N SINGLE LOCK RECORDS 08/18/2015 5 60813 N N 0 0 1 .54 30883154 18.98 13.12 0 PLBB11.1 696859969638 01 BISHOP,BONNIE AIN'T WHO I WAS 05/27/2016 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/1/1/0/3330119.jpg 001 002 Bonnie Bishop - Ain't Who I Was - Grammy-winning Bonnie Bishop will deliver her sixth album, 'Ain't Who I Was,' on May 27th (Thirty Tigers/RED). Produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell), the album features 10 new recordings, including six songs co-written by Bishop. "The fact that this album is done is nothing short of a miracle," says the radiant 5'10 brunette with her 1,000-watt smile. "Ain't Who I Was" is the result of me letting go of the dream that I'd built my whole life around: Music. "I was at a show at 3rd & Lindsley one night two weeks before my 35th birthday. I'd been on the road making music for thirteen years and I was still barely scraping by. I had no agent, no manager, and no prospects. The stress of all those years of doing it on my own had started to take it's toll and I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat. Then something just snapped. I felt like I was losing my mind. I ended up in the hospital that night after suffering from what the doctor said was a panic attack. He recommended I take some time off, so I went home, packed up my apartment and my cat and drove home to Texas the very next day. "I had spent a year-and-a-half killing my dream so when Dave Cobb said he wanted to make a record on me I was terrified. But I'd never had an opportunity to work with someone of his caliber, so I said 'yes,' in spite of my fears." 'Ain't Who I Was' is her most transparent album to date. Armed with songs from her years-deep catalog, she approached the recording process with the innocence, hope and trepidation of a new artist, but with Dave Cobb at her side. "You can hear Bonnie's soul and heart in every note she sings," says Cobb. "That's what attracted me to Bonnie; the honesty and humility in her songwriting.
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