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Filthy Bastard Culture

The new album was self-produced in the band's rehearsal room and sounds rough, raw and authentic. It was painstakingly loud from time to time", said Dirk Digger" Wei�. We didn't want an album that's over-edited and soulless. We wanted to let the band sound like just the way you can enjoy us live on stage: powerful, loud and dirty!" The compositions turned out more complex, harmonious and more mature than ever before. You can clearly recognize that the band has bonded even more since the release of their last album that has been released 2 years ago. Some songs are inspired by real historical events Killing Fields" is deals with the impressions Warpath's bassist S�ren Meyer brought back home after seeing the Killing Fields in Cambodia in person. Into The Dark" is about the story of the Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo. Warpath also composed two songs for the horror/fantasy/sci-fi movie Violent Starr" - directed by Oliver Tietgen and starring Michael Berryman [Star Trek, The Devil�s Rejects] as well as Bianca Bradey [A Night Of Horror, Rendel]) - that is set to be released in winter 2019. These songs are Filthy Bastard Culture" and the movie's title track Violent Starr Nebelkr�he" marks the band's first ever song performed in German. St. Nihil" offers a lot of groove, arrangement and vocals that will surprise you since you haven't heard this from the band beforeSix additional songs that burst with intensity and deal with the emotional world and it's perception nowadays, complete the album. Filthy Bastard Culture" turned out to become a varied album that doesn't lose the common thread. The 5 guys from Warpath once again succeeded in intertwining their thrash, death, metal, doom and rock roots - including a middle finger attitude! BAND BIOGRAPHY: Originally formed in 1991, they went on hiatus in 1996 and reformed in 2015Having been on the road in Europe with bands like Sodom, Gorefest, Forbidden and Holy Moses in the 90's, they played various festivals after their reunion, including Headbangers Open Air or Metal Bash or were headlining the Glockenschlag in front of 1500 people in Hamburg, Germany. Double headliner shows with Totenmond, gigs all around Germany and a performance at the Bang Your Head!!! Festival in 2016 helped a lot to spread the word again about Warpath. Early 2017 brought the long-awaited comeback album Bullets For A Desert Session". Shows at the Wacken Open Air, Riverside Festival, various club shows and a tour with disbelief followed. Additional festival shows followed in 2018, among them Chronical Moshers or Nord Open Air, where Warpath graced the billing with bands like Asphyx, Mantar or At The GatesWARPATH now returns with a bang in November 2018! The 4 guys from Hamburg will unleash their new album Filthy Bastard Culture" this fall. The re-releases of the band's thrash classics Massive" (1993) as well as Against Everyone" (1994) with a new and enhances booklet including yet unreleased photos will also be released this fall!
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Track List

The World Beyond , Unbroken Soul , Back to Zero , Filthy Bastard Culture , Believe in Me , Into the Dark , Killing Fields , Below the Surface , F.U , Violent Starr 1 Slow Motion Violence 1, St. Nihil

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