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Forbidden Techniques

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They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise's Hummingbird Of Death has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbidden Techniques because the Boise boys have put together an absolute masterpiece. Twenty four songs in twenty four minutes will decimate your mind and memory for twenty four hours after listening. HOD has been perfecting their song and taken nods from NEOS, LARM, ELECTRO-HIPPIES, and all things fast and has taken twelve days in the studio formulating a fastcore mental maze of weaving/looping riffs and runs that will leave you breathless and satisfied. This is the best recording, best effort, and best material of the ever-evolving purveyors of playing faster than fast.
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Track List

  1. Fesh Hell
  2. Thicken
  3. Another Goddamned Week
  4. Fortress of Solid 'Tude
  5. A Little Scratch
  6. Barf at the Moon
  7. Tribalistic Horseshit
  8. Fuck An Apology
  9. Head Full of Shit
  10. Poop Du Jour
  11. In a World Without Hashtags
  12. Yap
  13. World's Oldest Baby
  14. Castual Stupidity
  15. Who Asked You?
  16. Science Party
  17. Smashcast
  18. Rips
  19. Henhouse
  20. I Certainly Don't Tase Me Bro
  21. I Think I'm on a Roll
  22. But I Think It's Kind of Weak
  23. Ten Deep Breaths
  24. Forbidden Techniques and Cautionary Tales
  25. Only You Can Go Fuck Yourself

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