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Get 30% off storewide when you use the code HOLIDAY30
Get 30% off storewide when you use the code HOLIDAY30

Handmaiden / O.S.T.

180-gram 1LP
Sold out
Original soundtrack to the 2016 South Korean psychological thriller directed by Park Chan-wook. The film was inspired from the novel Fingersmith by Welsh author Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to 1930s Korea under Japanese colonial rule. There are 38 songs that were used in the shining moments of the characters in the movie, including 'Imi Oneun Sori (The Footsteps of My Dear Love)' which was introduced at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, and the title song 'The Tree From Mount Fuji'. The soundtrack also includes the film's most famous dialogue such as 'My saviour who ruined my life' and 'The doll of a maid'. 'Keeping the suspense formed in the collision of four people, but focusing on balancing the two big flows so that the lady and maid's melody do not fade. ' - Cho Young-wook, Music Director of The Handmaiden. 'OST, created by Park Chan-wook and music director Cho Young-wook, really dazzles audiences and music further heitens the thriller aspect of the movie' - theplaylist. Net
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Track List

The Tree from Mount Fuji , Old Scars and Fresh Pink Wounds , The Duchess Juliette , My Name Is Nam Sookee , A Western-Style Wing Designed By An English Architect , So This Was the Scent (Dialogue Track) , You Are My Baby Miss , Each Night in Bed I Think of Her Assets , She's Beautiful, Quite the Charmer , Spellbindingly Beautiful 1 Rope and Mustache 1, It Was Wrong to Come Here 1, Bounds of Knowledge 1, Losing Her Heart to a Fake 1, Ladies Are the Dolls of Maids (Dialogue Track) 1, The Sweet Things Within 1, Feels Just Fine 1, Wedding 1, Shall We Play Maid? , A Week Here... Then Finally! 2 Wish I Had Never Been Born 2, Let Me Tell You About Our Miss Hideko 2, I Was Going a Big Crazy Back Then 2, What's with Her? 2, Don't You Ever Think of Running 2, She's Totally Illiterate 2, You Must Be a Natural 2, Segimalui Norae (The Song at the End of the Century) 2, Thousand Woes Under the Blue Sky , The Saviour Who Came to Tear My Life Apart (Dialogue Track) 3 My Tamako, My Sookee 3, Fire! 3, Three White Cigarettes 3, The Greatest Pleasure 3, Five Books That I Used to Cherish 3, Four Small Silver Balls (Dialogue Track) 3, Sea of Bells 3, Im Oneun Sori (The Footsteps of My Dear Love)

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