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Hello I Must Be Going

180-gram 1LP
Sold out
Limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP pressing Digitally remastered edition. Initially released in 1982, Collins' second album Hello, I Must Be Going focused on a more organically produced sound than his debut, with lyrics on tracks such as 'I Don't Care Anymore' and 'Thru These Walls' providing a darker thematic core. By contrast, the album's biggest hit was Collins' upbeat interpretation of The Supremes' 'You Can't Hurry Love' which became his first solo #1 single. Hello, I Must Be Going itself peaked at #2, and Collins would soon earn his first Grammy and Brit Award nominations. Also includes 'Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away', 'I Cannot Believe It's True', 'Do You Know, Do You Care?' and more.
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Track List

  1. I Don't Care Anymore (2016 Remastered)
  2. I Cannot Believe It's True (2016 Remastered)
  3. Like China (2016 Remastered)
  4. Do You Know
  5. Do You Care? (2016 Remastered)
  6. You Can't Hurry Love (2016 Remastered)
  7. It Don't Matter to Me (2016 Remastered)
  8. Thru These Walls (2016 Remastered)
  9. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away (2016 Remastered)
  10. The West Side (2016 Remastered)
  11. Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning (2016 Remastered)
  12. I Don't Care Anymore (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  13. I Cannot Believe It's True (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  14. Like China (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  15. You Can't Hurry Love (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  16. It Don't Matter to Me (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  17. The West Side (Live Rehearsal) [2016 Remastered]
  18. People Get Ready (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  19. Thru These Walls (Live) [2016 Remastered] [From Perkins Palace]
  20. It's Alright (Live) [2016 Remastered]
  21. Oddball (Demo - Do You Know
  22. Do You Care?) [2016 Remastered]
  23. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away (Demo) [2016 Remastered]

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