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I Am Very Far

PURPLE 180-gram 1LP
The goal was to push my brain to places it didn't want to go. The idea was to not have any idea to keep myself confused about what I was doing, frontman Will Sheff says about Okkervil Rivers newest album. The resulting record, I AM VERY FAR, is a startling break from anything this band has done before. By turns terrifying and joyous, violent and serene, grotesque and romantic, it's a celebration of forces beyond our control. On I AM VERY FAR, Sheff emerges not only as a songwriter of the highest caliber, but a producer and arranger of singular vision. Abandoning the tidy conceptual arcs of Okkervil Rivers previous albums, I AM VERY FAR is a monolithic, darkly ambiguous work, one that doesn't readily offer up it's secrets. 1. The Valley 2. Piratess 3. Rider 4. Lay of the Last Survivor 5. White Shadow Waltz 6. We Need a Myth 7. Hanging from a Hit 8. Show Yourself 9. Your Past Life As a Blast 10. Wake and Be Fine 11. The Rise N N N N JAGJAGUWAR 04/05/2011 1 33425 N N 0 3 1 .99 32722420 17.98 13.12 0 BRPA36.1 659696448612 01 NORSKA TOO MANY WINTERS 06/02/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/0/1/8/3598102.jpg 001 002 108 US N N N N BRUTAL PANDA 04/17/2017 5 33426 N N 0 0 1 .51 35848172 28.98 17.72 1 DROO26.1 659696455214 01 BELL,SANDRA NET 03/30/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/5/7/9/3769753.jpg 001 002 US N N Y N DRAWING ROOM RECORDS 02/13/2018 1 33427 N N 0 1 2 1.29 35698647 18.98 14.78 0 CDB5639089706.1 659696458314 01 JUPE JUPE LONELY CREATURES 09/19/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/2/3/0/3760320.jpg 001 002 US N N N N CD BABY 01/12/2018 2 33428 N N 0 0 1 .50 35814313 25.98 20.56 0 CDB5639137027.1 659696462311 01 EINSTEIN'S SISTER LEARNING CURVES 11/18/2017 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/0/2/7/3767200.jpg 001 002 US N N N N CD BABY 02/06/2018 2 33429 N N 0 0 1 .50 14390777 15.98 10.85 0 ANTC93.1 656605957517 01 BIKE FOR THREE MORE HEART THAN BRAINS 05/26/2009 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/3/0/5/9/1499503.jpg 001 039 Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from this transatlantic duo featuring Buck 65. More Heart Than Brains is an impressive debut of smart Pop, Downtempo, and introspective Rap that finds it's two architects embracing the romance inherent in their unique circumstances: Separated by an ocean and having never met in person, Buck 65 and producer Greetings from Tuskan share a startlingly powerful connection that unfolds through their music. Limited Edition 1. Beginning 2. All There Is to Say About Love 3. Lazarus Phenomenon 4. Nightdriving 5. There Is Only One of Us 6. No Idea How 7. Always I Will Miss You. Always You 8. The Departure 9. First Embrace 10. Can Feel Love (Anymore) 11. One More Time Forever 12. MC Space 13. Let's Never Meet 14. More Heart Than Brains 15. Ending N N N N ANTICON 03/25/2009 5 33430 N N 0 0 1 .85 14722059 16.98 11.56 0 ANTC96.1 656605957814 01 THEMSELVES CROWNSDOWN 11/10/2009 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/9/9/0/1560999.jpg 001 039 Double vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from the Alt-Rap duo. On Crowns Down, Themselves weld brute skill to a concrete set of tracks that represents an essential ten commandments of Rap. In preparation, Doseone and Jel revisited their beloved Hip Hop collections (e.g. Gang Starr, Ultramagnetic MCs, Public Enemy, and Saafir) and whittled down the recurring themes that made their favorite records so sturdy. Each song on Crowns Down represents one of these archetypes: there's the 'don't bite' song, the diss track, the story Rap, the 'bootleggers beware' song, and the 'don't fuck with my DJ' jam, and more. In this way, Themselves revisit something classic in order to invent their own future-school entry to the annals of Hip Hop. 1. Back II Burn 2. Oversleeping 3. The Mark 4. Gangster of Disbelief 5. Daxstrong 6. You Ain't It 7. Roman Is As Roman Does 8. Skinning the Drum 9. Deadcatclear II 10. Gold Teeth Will Roll N N N N ANTICON 09/16/2009 5 33431 N N 0 0 2 1.00 09287334 19.98 12.85 2 TMPR55.1 656605925516 01 CEX BEING RIDDEN 05/06/2003 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/2/3/1/8/508132.jpg 001 002 1. Wayback Machine 2. You Kiss Like You're Dead 3. Not Working 4. Signal Katied 5. Earth-Shaking Event 6. Cex at Arm's Length 7. Stamina 8. See Ya Never, Sike 9. Marriage 10. Other Countries 11. Brer Rjyan 12. Dead Bodies 13. Never Mind N N N N TEMPORARY RESIDENCE 04/08/2003 1 33432 N N 0 2 2 1.17 35923275 36.98 28.22 0 BEWR30.1 659696471016 01 PLUSH FED 04/21/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/9/1/1/4/3774119.jpg 001 002 Originally released in Japan only on CD in 2002, Plush's�Fed�lives up to the cult-like adulation it has garnered ever since. A stunning symphony of Bacharach-inspired pop, Toussaint-swing andMelody Nelson-era-Gainsbourg, it's an album bound together by Liam Hayes' maverick genius, an uncompromising Brian Wilson-esque quest for sonic perfection. Positively indulgent in every way, this sumptuous record has long deserved to be treated to a deluxe vinyl edition. Lovingly overseen by Hayes and recent collaborator Pat Sansone (Wilco/The Autumn Defense), it will finally be available on the format it should've always been, this Record Store Day 2018. Remastered and presented as a double LP - cut specially at 45rpm - it comes housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with expanded artwork throughout. It's expansive, singular vision infamously took years to realise, involving Earth Wind & Fire's horn arranger (the legendary Tom Tom MMLXXXIV) amongst other elite personnel.�Recorded with five different engineers (including Steve Albini and John McEntire), Hayes meticulously extracted every ounce of pop from each note.�A long list of renowned studio ringers (including soul drummer Morris Jennings) and Chicago regulars (McEntire, Rizzo, Parker) among�many�others provide playing of demonstrably professional precision. As such, Hayes' complex, meandering melodies are rendered far more coherent and satisfying than they otherwise might have appeared, bringing his epic, anguished pop to a rarely seen level of perfection and depth. This unstinting dedication to the overarching vision was rewarded handsomely - artistically, at least. However, as might have been expected, his deluxe approach resulted in a bill too steep for any American or European label to ultimately support. It has since seemed unlikely that it would see the light of day on either side of the Atlantic. Yet we were determined not to allow Hayes' lifetime achievement to go unnoticed or let music fans across the world miss out on one of the finest albums of this century. US 1. Whose Blues 2. I've Changed My Number 3. Blown Away 4. So Blind 5. Greyhound Bus Station 6. No Education 7. Sound of San Francisco 8. Born Together 9. Unis 10. Whose Blues Anyway 11. What'll We Do? 12. Having It All 13. Fed 14. The Woods N Y N N BE WITH RECORDS 02/27/2018 5 33433 N N 0 0 2 .99 39264688 16.98 11.99 6 VALC43.1 659696478718 01 JONES,KELLI & SAVOY,JOEL TOI TU JOUES A LAMOUR 07/12/2019 https://mediacdn.aent-m.com/prod-img/500/06/3689706-2472455.jpg 001 035 US N N N N VALCOUR RECORDS 06/24/2019 1 33434 N N 0 6 1 .16 36563210 9.98 7.72 2 LQBT23.7 659696479012 07 BLOSSOM & HOT16 SUPERWOMAN (REMIX) FT. ALEXX A-GAME 08/31/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/c/500/8/6/5/6/3816568.jpg 001 004 Seven inch vinyl pressing. Just in time for summer dance parties, R&B songstress Blossom and producer HOT16 release an incredible dancehall remix of their fan favorite track, "SuperWoman". In addition to the reworked music, the remix features brand new guest vocals from up-and-coming Jamaican artist Alexx A-Game. Harkening back to her Trinidadian roots, Blossom & Alexx A-Game bring an undeniable island groove to HOT16's infectious production. With a standout vocal performance from Blossom & Alexx A-Game, and top-notch production from HOT16, the "SuperWoman" remix is bound to be a DJ favorite and crate staple throughout the summer and beyond. US 1. Superwoman (Remix) Ft. Alexx A-Game 2. Superwoman (Remix) Instrumental N N N N LIQUID BEATS RECORDS 08/01/2018 1 33435 N N 0 2 1 .13 36677801 28.98 17.72 0 DROO32.1 659696487116 01 CHARALAMBIDES CHARALAMBIDES: TOM & CHRISTINA CARTER 10/12/2018 https://mediacdn.aent-m.com/prod-img/500/51/3570351.jpg 001 002 US N N Y N DRAWING ROOM RECORDS 08/28/2018 2 33436 N N 0 0 2 1.11 36768615 20.98 15.61 0 ERSM2001.1 659696488816 01 WITCH SALEM'S RISE 10/19/2018 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/0/5/8/9/3829850.jpg 001 002 108 The inaugural release in Gotta Groove Records' OH Wax series is the 1985 album by Dayton, Ohio's Witch - entitled Salem's Rise, originally self-released through the label Eargasm Productions. Notes from original executive producer and founder of Eargasm Records, Tim Grogean: Ted George and I were introduced in 1984 when he came to my studio in Dayton Ohio asking me to Produce a single for him. He was a shredding guitarist and song writer from Versailles Ohio. Ted yearned to write an album and I was looking for a project to present to larger Record companies in LA and NY. Songwriting and rehearsals started in Versailles Ohio, many nights jamming in the basement of brothers Tony and Dave Chappie. Tony on drums and Dave on Bass were completed by Ted and vocalist Ace Mathews. Pre-production was done at Eargasm studios. Many of long nights and heavy parties ensued for then next month as the band hammered out the 10 songs on Witch "Salem's Rise". The instruments fell in very solid with Ted's fast guitar work and solid rhythm section. The recording at Audio Productions in New Carlisle Ohio had Tim and Mike Niklas engineering. Tim was the Executive Producer as well as assisted in song writing and guitar. It was Mastered at QCA in Cincinnati, Ohio (where it was also originally manufactured on vinyl as well). Tony Chappie and I wrote the drum solo and incomparable pianist Larry "LD" Hampshire again came to Ted's side for the keyboards. Most of the musicians involved continued to play and record to this day. Ted went on to front many bands and work with artists like Rick Derringer. He is now known as "Fast Eddie" due to his freakish speed on the guitar. The Chappie brothers eventually became businessmen, and less is known about the future for singer Ace Mathews. "LD" continued to play in bands with Tim and record in Dayton area studio's. I went on to work with bands like Rush, Sponge, Days of the New, Sun; and I continue to record and tour in my band Amplified. US 1. Poison 2. Beckon 3. Eyes on You 4. Lady Medusa 5. I Will See You Again 6. Teen of Darkness 7. Hear the Thunder 8. Salem's Rise 9. Loki 10. Something Ev N N N N EARGASM 09/21/2018 2 33437 N N 0 0 1 .50 38708237 36.98 24.19 1 VTAS4.1 659696489813 01 KRUMMENACHER,VICTOR BLUE PACIFIC 03/15/2019 http://media.aent-m.com/graphics/items/sdimages/a/500/1/3/6/9/3899631.jpg 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release from Victor Krummenacher. Blue Pacific marks his ninth solo effort away from his two co-founding bands - the pioneering indie-rock group Camper Van Beethoven and the art-rock collective, Monks of Doom. The inception of this emotionally-charged project started nearly a year after his divorce, and, as it turns out, it's one-part exorcism and one-part an effort to heal and put it all behind him. Despite the fact this record was a direct result of so much pain, heartache and hurdles, musically it turns out to be one of Krummenacher's most rewarding efforts of his lengthy career - be it solo, or with his other bands. "There was a lot of time put into this one," the musician reveals, "and I don't know if I can really do much better in as far as writing or recording. Between the emotional context and the difficulty in getting all the aspects of the recording taken care of, it was one of the hardest projects I've worked on.
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Track List

No One Left to Remember and No One Left to Tell , The Prettiest Train , Skin & Bones , Every River Rises , Blue Pacific , Some Time Ago , No Safe Place to Fall , Headed West , Lawrence in the Desert , Nowhere Out There on the Line 1 Find a Way Out 1, Green Is the Color of a Fair Man's Eyes

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