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Igor Stravinsky: the Soldier's Tale

180-gram 1LP
Sold out
The Soldier's Tale is a theatrical work 'to be read, played, and danced' by three actors (the soldier, the devil, and a narrator) and dancers, accompanied by a septet of instruments. The libretto relates the parable of a soldier who trades his fiddle to the devil in return for unlimited economic gain. The music is scored for a septet of violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, cornet or trumpet), trombone, and percussion. The libretto is adapted by Roger Waters from the translation by Michael Flanders and Kitty Black, based on the original text by Charles-Ferdinand Ramus. As the work opens, Joseph, a Russian soldier, marches toward his hometown on leave, pack in tow. ('Marche du soldat'/'The Soldier's March') He rests by a stream and rummages through his pack. First he takes out his lucky St. Joseph medallion, then a mirror, then a photograph of his girlfriend. Finally, he finds what he was searching for: his fiddle. He begins to play. ('Petit airs au bord du ruisseau'/'Airs by a Stream') The devil appears disguised as an old man carrying a butterfly net, but Joseph does not notice him and continues to play. The devil sneaks up on Joseph from behind and startles him. The Soldier's Tale package includes 2 printed inner sleeves with lyrics and pictures.
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Track List

The Soldiers March , The Soldier Is Tired , Airs By a Stream , As You Can Hear , The Soldiers March (Reprise) , Eventually, Joseph Reaches His Home Village , Pastorale , The Soldier, Disconsolate , Pastorale, Reprise , The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back to Himself 1 Airs By a Stream (Reprise): To Stretch Out on the Grass 1, Hey Satan, You Bastard 1, Airs By a Stream (2nd Reprise) 1, Nowt to Be Gained Here 1, The Soldiers March (2nd Reprise): Down a Hot and Dusty Track 1, He Doesn't Even Know Himself 1, The Soldiers March, (3ND Reprise): Will He Take the Road to Home 1, He Doesn't Have a Home Anymore 1, The Royal March , So All Was Arranged 2 Later That Night 2, The Little Concert: Light Floods the Eastern Sky 2, The Soldier, with a Confident Air 2, Three Dances: Tango 2, Three Dances: Waltz 2, Three Dances: Ragtime 2, So First a Tango 2, The Devil's Dance 2, The Devil, Confused , The Little Chorale 3 The Devil Recovers Some of His Wits 3, The Devil's Song: All Right! You'll Be Safe at Home 3, HM, a Fair Warning 3, Grand Chorale (Part 1) 3, Spring, Summer, Autumn 3, Grand Chorale (Part 2) 3, Steady Now 3, Grand Chorale (Part 3) 3, Steady, Just Smell the Flowers , Grand Chorale (Part 4) 4 Now I Have Everything 4, Grand Chorale (Part 5) 4, The Princess, All Excited 4, Grand Chorale (Part 6) 4, And So, Off They Go 4, Triumphal March of the Devil

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