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Our summer sale is here! Get 25% off sitewide with code SUMMER25
Summer sale alert! Get 25% off sitewide with code SUMMER25

Lost Time In a Bottle (Gold Limited Edition)

A brilliant career overview in rarities from legendary folk singer, Jim Croce! Contains versions of all his greatest hit songs including "Time In A Bottle, "Operator," "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "I Got A Name!". Includes a previously unreleased concert from 1964!
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Track List

A1 Next Time, This Time (Harper College 2/5/73) 
A2 New York's Not My Home (Harper College 2/5/73) 
A3 You Don't Mess Around with Jim (Harper College 2/5/73) 
A4 Careful Man (Harper College 2/5/73) 
A5 A Good Time Man Like Me (Demo) 
A6 Tractor Trailer Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73) 
A7 Speedball Tucker (Demo) 
B1 Operator (Demo) 
B2 Hard Time Losin' Man (Demo) 
B3 Seems Like Such a Long Time Ago (Demo) 
B4 It Doesn't Have to Be That Way (Harper College 2/5/73) 
B5 Bar Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73) 
B6 Roller Derby Queen (Harper College 2/5/73) 
C1 One Less Set of Footsteps (Harper College 2/5/73) 
C2 Dreamin' Again (Harper College 2/5/73) 
C3 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Demo) 
C4 Time in a Bottle (Demo) 
C5 I Got a Name (Live 1973) 
D1 Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone (Cazenovia College 1964) 
D2 San Francisco Bay Blues (Cazenovia College 1964) 
D3 Washington at Valley Forge (Cazenovia College 1964)
D4 La Bamba (Cazenovia College 1964) 
D5 Seek and You Shall Find (Cazenovia College 1964) 
D6 Woke Up This Morning (Cazenovia College 1964)

*See our return policy for details.

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