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Man Who (20th Anniversary Edition)

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Deluxe 20th Anniversary box set including double vinyl LP pressing, two CD edition, and 58 page commemorative photobook. First released in May 1999, The Man Who sounds as fresh today as it did then. This iconic album went platinum six times in the UK features the timeless singles, 'Writing To Reach You', 'Driftwood', 'Turn' and possibly the band's most iconic song, 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me.' Bonus disc content offers favorite The Man Who B-sides, as selected by the band. The bonus disc contains a total of 19 B-sides, live versions and more: "Green Behind the Ears, "Only Molly Knows," "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah," "High As a Kite," "Be My Baby," "Village Man," "Driftwood," "Slide Show," "Baby One More Time" (last three live) and more.
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Track List

Writing to Reach You , The Fear , As You Are , Driftwood , The Last Laugh of the Laughter , Turn , Why Does It Always Rain on Me? , Luv , She's So Strange , Slide Show / Blue Flashing Light 1 Green Behind the Ears 1, Only Molly Knows 1, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 1, High As a Kite 1, Be My Baby 1, Where Is the Love 1, Village Man 1, Driftwood (Live at the Link Caf� / Glasgow / 1999) 1, The Urge for Going , Slide Show (Live at the Link Caf� / Glasgow / 1999) 2 River 2, Days of Our Lives 2, We Are Monkeys 2, Baby One More Time (Live from the Bay Tavern / Robin Hoods Bay / 1999) 2, Coming Around 2, Just the Faces Change 2, The Connection 2, Rock 'N' (Salad) Roll 2, The Weight , Writing to Reach You 3 The Fear 3, As You Are 3, Driftwood 3, The Last Laugh of the Laughter 3, Turn 3, Why Does It Always Rain on Me? 3, Luv 3, She's So Strange 3, Slide Show / Blue Flashing Light , Village Man 4 Only Molly Knows 4, Rock 'N' (Salad) Roll 4, The Connection 4, We Are Monkeys 4, The Weight 4, Baby One More Time 4, Be My Baby 4, River

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