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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing with digital download. Seven years have passed between the release of Linda Guilala's debut album, and this 2016 full length. They haven't been silent years, for the record label - there have been numerous singles, EPs, mini LPs, as well as other work, like the theme song for the legendary program on Radio 3, Disco Grande, concerts throughout Europe, and the abundant production work that Eva and Iv�n have done in the Kaiju Studios in Vigo. But now we everything is clear. It was a time for polishing, refining, for preparing, for pampering, for perfecting, for using up every possible drop of inspiration. Because what we have here is a masterpiece. The album. Psicon�utica. An electric, hallucinogenic journey - right from the album cover - that ties them (as if they weren't already) to My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Beach House, Silvania, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and Los Planetas. Psicon�utica is ambitious, it's true, and the album format itself shows it. The album has 20 songs (more than half barely reach the minute mark) and there is barely a second of silence, not even between tracks. The saturation and atmosphere are key, but where, contrary to what it might seem, Eva's vocals and melodies shine especially bright. As proof, we have songs like "Cosas Nuevas", "Accidente", "Fobia Social I" and "La �ltima Vez (1� Recidiva)", among others, where Iv�n and Eva's punk past shows through. Because Psicon�utica, apart from a magnificent handful of compositions, is proof that psychedelia doesn't require a lot of time to be effective: 20 songs in barely 42 minutes. Breaking the traditions, as only the great works of art can do.
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Track List

Principio Activo , Monstruo , Alcaloide , Cosas Nuevas , Auto-Observaci�n , Fobia Social , La �ltima Vez (1� Recidiva) , Sinestesia , Accidente , Ananc�stico 1 Desorden Qu�mico 1, Abstinencia 1, Hiperactividad 1, Fobia Social II 1, S�ntomas Negativos 1, Ansiedad 1, S�ntomas Positivos 1, Cayendo (2� Recidiva) 1, Esfuerzo In�til , Uroboros

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