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Quatro: the Definitive Collection

180-gram 1LP
Sold out
In the 1950s America went wild for any jazz with a taste of Cuba. Tito Puente became one of the kings of Latin music. Now you can relive the excitement and romance of that era with 4 original mid-'50s albums by Tito on CD, plus a bonus compilation CD of hits, outtakes and more. Best of all, you can buy this set as 180-gram vinyl albums, too! Each set comes with liner notes, unpublished photos, memorabilia and more. Original albums include Cuban Carnival; Dance Mania; Night Beat and Revolving Bandstand.
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Track List

Elegua Chango , Cu L Es la Idea (What's the Idea) , Pa' los Rumberos , Que Sera (What Is It?) , Oye Mi Guaguanco , Yambeque (Mambo Yambu) , Happy Cha-Cha-Cha , Mambo Buda , Cha-Cha de Pollos (Cha-Cha for Chicks) , Guaguanco Margarito 1 Cuban Fantasy 1, Night Beat 1, Mambo Beat 1, Sea Breeze 1, Emerald Beach 1, The Late, Late Scene 1, Carioca 1, Night Ritual 1, Malibu Beat , Flying Down to Rio 2 Night Hawk 2, Live a Little 2, El Cayuco 2, Complicaci N 2, Three D Mambo 2, Llego Mijan (Son Montuno) 2, Cuando Te Vea 2, Hong Kong Mambo 2, Mambo Gozon , Mi Chiquita Quiere Bemb 3 Varsity Drag [Mambo Jazz Instrumental] [Instrumental] 3, Estoy Siempre Junto a Ti 3, Agua Limpia Todo 3, Saca Tu Mujer 3, Bahia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro) 3, I Concentrate on You 3, Autumn Leaves 3, Harlem Nocturne 3, Kiss of Fire Puente , The Continental Puente 4 Blue Moon Puente 4, Temptation Puente 4, So in Love Puente 4, Baby Won't You Please Come Home 4, Ran Kan Kan 4, Timbal y Bong 4, Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 1] [Take] 4, Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 2] [Take] 4, Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 3] [Take] 50. Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 4] [Take] 5 Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 5] [Take] 5, Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 6] [Take] 5, Pa' los Rumberos [Out-Take 7] [Take] 5, The Continental [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take] 5, Blue Moon [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take] 5, Moonlight in Vermont 5, La Virgen de la Macarena

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