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Virgem De Saint Tropez / O.S.T.

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Vinilisssimo present a reissue of Hareton Salvanini 's A Virgem de Saint Tropez, originally released in 1974. Polish film maker Zygmunt Sulistrowski pioneered the format of shooting low-budget soft porn on exotic locations. After a long list of previous works, in 1973 he directed the French-Brazilian production A Virgem de Saint Tropez, also known as "Magia Erotica"... Although the movie actually lacked magic, it did include every possible archetypical scene of the genre, and this combination of hot action in tropical surroundings, pleasant sights of Saint Tropez and frantic chases needed some proper background music. Brazilian arranger and writer Hareton Salvanini was commissioned to deliver this soundtrack and what a wonderful job he did - no wonder he is considered by many a lesser known Arthur Verocai. But instead of multiple layers of refined strings and delicate orchestral sounds, Salvanini creates a record full of groovy guitars and percussions that could rival with the best of KPM or Chappell library LPs. "Copacabana Rock" starts with with some psychedelic vibes and then evolves into a dancefloor bomb. "Saint Tropez" is a rhythmic flute and electric piano-laden track with wah-wah guitars a plenty. There is room for some heavy tropical drumming on "Persegui�ao" and "Seios". In need of some soft bossa with dabadaba vocals - Just check "Espairecendo", one of the most exquisite cuts on the album that sounds as if S�rgio Mendes & Brasil '66 had been produced by Verocai. While the jazzier and most experimental passages of the soundtrack belong to the wonderful "Sao Paulo". As well as it's original Brazilian version (Fermata, 1974), the soundtrack was also released in Italy in small quantities shortly after. Both pressings have become collector's items over the years, just like every other Salvanini recording: his only own album called S.P. 73 (1973), the mega rare EP he made for one of his brother's theater productions or the obscure soundtrack to the film Xavana, Uma Ilha do Amor (1981). Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
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Track List

You Can't Run Away from Your Destiny , Espairecendo , Ansiedade , Sao Paulo , Panorama , Amazonia , Saint Tropez , Quarto de Hotel , Copacabana Rock , Dois E O Mar 1 Perseguicao 1, Seios 1, Despedida 1, Nao Podes Fugir Do Teu Destino

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