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Walls of Jerusalem

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Walls of Jerusalem is a celebration of the extraordinary creative relationship that developed between producer Yabby You the legendary "Dub-Master" King Tubby. The two were close friends, deep admirers of each other's artistry and had worked together from Yabby You's first 7" release onwards. Walls of Jerusalem would be the last full-length project they completed together. For years the record was buried in layers of obscurity - the original came out, in a pressing said to be 200 LPs, on the Prophets Label in a blank, white sleeve. The record became the stuff of legend, hoarded by collectors mesmerized by roots and dub music of the highest order. The music within captured the vital, uncompromising and distinct sound of Yabby You's production and elevated it through King Tubby's sophisticated dub manipulations. Disc One presents the album in it's original form, showcasing King Tubby's virtuosity as an engineer, deliberately shaping a sophisticated stereo mix to aid in the creation of a bold, artistic statement. The mixes are a revelation and a testament to the fully realized project that Yabby and Tubby intended to make. Disc Two includes never-released studio outtakes and alternate mixes of some of Yabby You's most classic tunes as well as a number of hard-to-find versions. These mixes take the listener into the studio, as "chatter" between the musicians, and Tubby and Yabby was discovered on the master tapes and included as part of this reissue. For those already fans of King Tubby and Yabby You this two disc/ two LP reissue is a crucial addition; for anyone else, this set is a breath-taking introduction to one of the great creative partnerships in Jamaican musical history. Lovingly packaged with extensive sleeve notes by reggae producer and historian Diggory Kenrick.
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Track List

Walls of Jerusalem (Yabby You) , Chant Down Babylon (Yabby You) , Fire Round Town (Yabby You) , Plague on the Land (Yabby You) , Tribulation (Yabby You) , Go to School Jah Jah Children (Yabby You) , Dub of Jerusalem (King Tubby) , Chanting Dub (King Tubby) , Firey Dub (King Tubby) , Dub Plague (King Tubby) 1 Tribulation Dub (King Tubby) 1, School Days Dub (King Tubby) 1, The Man Who Does the Work (Vivian Jackson and the Prophets) 1, Valley of (Joeasaphat Smith and the Prophets) 1, Go to School Jah Jah Children (Vivian Jackson and the Prophets) 1, Love of Jah (Vivian Jackson and the Prophets) 1, Jah Vengeance (The Prophets) 1, Greetings (King Tubby) 1, Fire Fire Dub (The Prophets) , Stand Up and Fight Dub (The Prophets) 2 Sand in My Shoe Dub (King Tubby) 2, Sand in My Shoe (Tommy McCook)

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