Recovering The Satellites (LIMITED EDITION)

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180-gram Translucent Green 2lp Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 20/03/2019

Limited edition translucent green 180gram 2LP vinyl!

For their second album, 1996's 'Recovering The Satellites', Counting Crows crafted a self-consciously challenging response to their unexpected success. Throughout the record, Adam Duritz contemplates his loss of privacy and sudden change of fortunes, among other angst-ridden subjects. Released three years (and two years of worldwide touring) after their debut album, it reached #1 in the United States and was a top seller in Australia, Canada, and the UK as well. For this album, the quintet became a sextet, with fellow San Franciscan Dan Vickrey added, contributing a second guitar as well as sharing in songwriting credits on four of the fourteen tracks.

  1. Catapult (LP1 Side A)
  2. Angels of the Silences (LP1 Side A)
  3. Daylight Fading (LP1 Side A)
  4. I'm Not Sleeping (LP1 Side A)
  5. Goodnight Elisabeth (LP1 Side B)
  6. Children in Bloom (LP1 Side B)
  7. Have You Seen Me Lately? (LP1 Side B)
  8. Miller's Angels (LP2 Side A)
  9. Another Horsedreamer's Blues (LP2 Side A)
  10. Recovering the Satellites (LP2 Side A)
  11. Monkey (LP2 Side B)
  12. Mercury (LP2 Side B)
  13. A Long December (LP2 Side B)
  14. Walkaways (LP2 Side B)
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