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The long awaited release of the Brian Wilson and Beach Boys masterpiece, THE SMILE SESSIONS. With the full participation of original Beach Boys Al Jardine, Mike Love, and Brian Wilson, Capitol/EMI has, for the first time, collected and compiled the bands legendary 1966-67 sessions for the never-completed SMILE album. In numerous sessions between the spring of 1966 and summer of 1967, The Beach Boys recorded a bounty of songs and drafts for an album, SMILE, that was intended to follow the bands 1966 album, PET SOUNDS. The master tapes were ultimately shelved, and The Beach Boys SMILE has never been released. Drawn from the original masters, THE SMILE SESSIONS presents an in-depth overview of The Beach Boys recording sessions for the enigmatic album, which has achieved legendary, mythical status for music fans around the world.
  1. Our Prayer
  2. Gee
  3. Heroes and Villains
  4. Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
  5. I'm in Great Shape
  6. Barnyard
  7. My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine)
  8. Cabin Essence
  9. Wonderful
  10. Look (Song for Children)
  11. Child Is Father of the Man
  12. Surf's Up
  13. I Wanna Be Around / Workshop
  14. Vega-Tables
  15. Holidays
  16. Wind Chimes
  17. The Elements: Fire (MRS. O'Leary's Cow)
  18. Love to Say Dada
  19. Good Vibrations
  20. You're Welcome - Stereo Mix
  21. Vega-Tables - Stereo Mix
  22. Wind Chimes - Stereo Mix
  23. Cabin Essence - Session Highlights and Stereo Backing Track
  24. Surf's Up - Session Excerpt and Stereo Mix
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