So Tonight That I Might See (LIMITED EDITION)

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Translucent Purple Vinyl LP
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Limited edition translucent purple vinyl LP! The success of Mazzy Star’s second album, So Tonight That I Might See, seemingly came out of nowhere. Eventually going platinum, the record’s unexpected climb to commercial prominence began on the back of the surprise success of its second single, the dreamily atmospheric ‘Fade Into You’, which rose into the Billboard Top 50 seven months after its parent album first hit the racks in October 1993. The core emphasis of its sound was a nexus point between country, folk, psych, and classic rock, all shrouded in mystery, and Hope Sandoval's trademark drowsy drawl swathed in echo. Gloriously out of step with the zeitgeist, the introspective So Tonight That I Might See bore scant relation to the grunge-y guitar records dominating the alt.rock scene of 1993/94.
  1. Fade Into You
  2. Bells Ring
  3. Mary Of Silence
  4. Five String
  5. Serenade
  6. Blue Light
  7. She's My Baby
  8. Unreflected
  9. Wasted
  10. Into Dust
  11. So Tonight That I Might See
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