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Stankonia is the fourth studio album by American hip hop duo OutKast, released October 31, 2000 on La Face Records. The group's previous release, Aquemini (1998), played a significant role in introducing Southern hip-hop to other areas of the United States. In the spring of 1999, OutKast began working on Stankonia in the duo's recently purchased Atlanta recording facility, Stankonia Studios. The band's ownership of the studio allowed for fewer time constraints and subsequently, more musical experimentation. Stankonia features appearances from many local Atlanta musicians whom the group discovered while visiting clubs in the city. On Stankonia, the duo hoped to create a chaotic musical aesthetic, and incorporated a diverse array of musical genres, including drum and bass, gospel, rock, salsa, funk, and psychedelia. Recording sessions became difficult as Andr
  1. Intro
  2. Gasoline Dreams - Goodie Mob, Khujo Goodie, Outkast
  3. I'm Cool (Interlude)
  4. So Fresh, So Clean
  5. Ms. Jackson
  6. Snappin' & Trappin' - J Sweet, Killer Mike, Outkast
  7. D.F. (Interlude)
  8. Spaghetti Junction
  9. Kim & Cookie (Interlude)
  10. I'll Call Before I Come - Eco, Gangsta Boo, Outkast
  11. B.O.B
  12. Xplosion - B Real, Outkast
  13. Good Hair (Interlude)
  14. We Luv Deez Hoez - Backbone, Big Gipp, Bigg Gipp, Outkast
  15. Humble Mumble - Erykah Badu, Outkast
  16. Drinking Again (Interlude)
  17. Red Velvet
  18. Cruisin' in the Atl (Interlude)
  19. Gangsta SH*T
  20. Toilet Tisha - C-Lo, Goodie Mob, Outkast
  21. Slum Beautiful
  22. Pre-Nump (Interlude) - Big Rube, Outkast, Sleepy Brown
  23. Stankonia (Stanklove)
  24. Stankonia (Stanklove)
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