The Pirates Gospel Deluxe Edition

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Vinyl LP
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Rusted Blue Records
RELEASE DATE: 20/05/2019
Alela Diane's debut album, The Pirate's Gospel was originally only available in hand-stitched runs. Hailing from the deep woods and winding rivers of California Gold Rush town Nevada City, Alela grew up absorbing the folk songs of her musician parents and singing in choir. She began teaching herself guitar and writing her first songs, blending trance-like arpeggios, with warm vocals and meditative lyrics about family and nature. Written in response to a loss of home, The Pirate's Gospel is a powerful document of personal reevaluation set against the backdrop of generations past and future, mothers and fathers, life, death, and birth. The songs were composed during a trip to Europe and recorded in her father's studio. The album was formally released in 2006 to critical acclaim. This reissue includes 10 unreleased songs, which offer a deeper glimpse into her earlier work. The vinyl has been out of print for years.
  1. Tired Feet
  2. The Rifle
  3. The Pirate's Gospel
  4. Foreign Tongue
  5. Can You Blame the Sky?
  6. Something's Gone Awry
  7. Pieces of String
  8. Clickity Clack
  9. Sister Self
  10. Pigeon Song
  11. Oh! My Mama
  12. Heavy Walls
  13. Gypsy Eyes
  14. Laundromat Lady
  15. Pink Roses
  16. Tired Feet (Alternate Take)
  17. Blackberry
  18. Fay Clark
  19. Golden
  20. Mind Yourself
  21. Silent Slam
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