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Voodoo Lounge Uncut (LIMITED EDITION)

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180-gram 3-disc Red Vinyl LP
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Eagle Vision
RELEASE DATE: 18/01/2020

Limited-edition red vinyl! 'Voodoo Lounge Uncut' presents - for the first time - the Rolling Stones' full-length live show recorded on November 25th, 1994 at Miami’s Joe Robbie stadium. With guest appearances from Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley, and a setlist combining classic tracks with then-new material from the Voodoo Lounge album, this phenomenal show can now be enjoyed in full.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg Intro (Disc 1 Side A)
  2. Not Fade Away (Disc 1 Side A)
  3. Tumbling Dice (Disc 1 Side A)
  4. You Got Me Rocking (Disc 1 Side A)
  5. Rocks Off* (Disc 1 Side A)
  6. Sparks Will Fly* (Disc 1 Side A)
  7. Live With Me* with Sheryl Crow (Disc 1 Side B)
  8. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Disc 1 Side B)
  9. Beast Of Burden* (Disc 1 Side B)
  10. Angie (Disc 1 Side B)
  11. Dead Flowers* (Disc 1 Side B)
  12. Sweet Virginia (Disc 2 Side A)
  13. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)* (Disc 2 Side A)
  14. It’s All Over Now (Disc 2 Side A)
  15. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues with Robert Cray (Disc 2 Side A)
  16. Who Do You Love? with Bo Diddley (Disc 2 Side A)
  17. I Go Wild* (Disc 2 Side B)
  18. Miss You (Disc 2 Side B)
  19. Honky Tonk Women (Disc 2 Side B)
  20. Before They Make Me Run* (Disc 3 Side A)
  21. The Worst (Disc 3 Side A)
  22. Sympathy For The Devil (Disc 3 Side A)
  23. Monkey Man* (Disc 3 Side A)
  24. Street Fighting Man* (Disc 3 Side A)
  25. Start Me Up (Disc 3 Side B)
  26. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It) (Disc 3 Side B)
  27. Brown Sugar (Disc 3 Side B)
  28. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Disc 3 Side B)
  29. * Previously unreleased
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