Workin' Together (LIMITED EDITION)

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Workin' Together was the first genuine hit album Ike & Tina had in years; actually, it was their biggest ever, working its way into Billboard's Top 25 and spending 38 weeks on the charts. Its original songs crackle with style and passion. Nowhere is this truer than on the opening title track, a mid-tempo groover (written by Eki Renrut, Ike's brilliant inverted alias) powered by a soulful chorus and a guitar line that plays like a mutated version of Dylan's "I Want You" riff. Its contemporary covers like "Proud Mary" also deftly reinterpret the originals.
  1. "Workin' Together" (3:36) "(As Long As I Can) Get You Where I Want You" (2:25) "Get Back" (3:15) "The Way You Love Me" (2:38) "You Can Have It" (3:28) "Game of Love" (2:47) "Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter" (2:40) "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" (3:35) "Proud Mary" (4:48) "Goodbye, So Long" (1:56) "Let It Be" (3:15)
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