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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

1.4 - Why Vinyl Records Are Loved By DJs And Producers

Vinyl records, especially those in the hip-hop genre, have long been loved and collected by DJs and producers. Many in the music industry have a deep affection for vinyl because of its historical significance in musical culture. In addition, early DJs and producers would actively use hip-hop vinyl records in their music-making, spinning them live or pulling samples from them for use in their own songs.

In hip-hop culture, rare records are considered extremely valuable, and the rewarding experience of finding and collecting them attracts many. A physical copy of an album was a precious commodity for a DJ or producer for decades, not only as a source of inspiration but for use in live sets and recordings as well. The long-standing tradition of sampling in hip-hop began in a golden period for vinyl, and the vinyl record format played a major role in making hip-hop what it is today.

Many of today’s best-known producers have an enduring love for vinyl records. Whether it is for their sentimental value, their unique sound, or the creative benefits of listening to them, records have a distinct appeal with musicians that has spanned decades and transcended genres.

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