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3 Cool Vinyl Aesthetic Pieces

Vinyl Aesthetic Pieces
Vinyl records give you an immersive, one-of-a-kind listening experience, and there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite albums. However, there’s more to records than just great sound—they’re also incredibly pleasing to the eye. 

The aesthetic appeal of vinyl records is no secret. If you type “using vinyl records to decorate” into Google, you’ll wind up with tons of inspiration for sprucing up your home decor with your extra records. From collages to framed album grids to DIY record clocks, there’s a virtually infinite number of ways to express yourself with records.

In this post, we’ll be ranking some of our favorite vinyl aesthetic pieces. We’re big fans of these innovative projects for their creativity, visual appeal, and versatility. 

Before we begin, a word to the wise: before you start one of these projects for yourself, make sure to gather up records that you won’t want to listen to any time soon, or store your discs in separate sleeves to keep them available for listening.

You’ll be using your records’ jackets for many of these decorative projects, which means your records will either need to be stored inside or set aside for safekeeping.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Wall-Mounted Record Grids

There’s something timeless about row after row of vinyl records sprawled across a wall. This decorative piece can fit just about anywhere in your home, from the bathroom to living room to bedroom to kitchen. Lining up your favorite albums and mounting them on the wall is a great way to add a pop of color to any room, and it’s also the perfect means of proudly displaying your great taste to anyone who visits your home. 

There are numerous ways to mount records on a wall, and some are slightly more expensive or labor-intensive than others. You can find pre-made record mounting kits that come with all the hardware you’ll need, but these can be expensive.

Using a record mount that costs $30+ can quickly blow your decorating budget, especially if you’re planning on decorating with dozens of records. So, we recommend finding a cheaper, do-it-yourself option.

There are several great methods of mounting records that cost less and are easy to remove if you relocate or want to listen to a record that’s on display. Below are just a few.

  • Adhesive strips. These handy adhesives are similar to Velcro, and they’re perfect for holding up small picture frames—or vinyl records. One side of the two-sided system will adhere to the back of a record, and the other will stick to the wall. Best of all, these strips can be easily removed from a record without leaving damage or residue, and that’s always a big win.
  • Velcro. You might not have Velcro lying around your house, but it’s an affordable tool that’s great for keeping things stuck together when you need them as secure as possible. Velcro uses a similar hook and loop system to adhesive strips, but its adhesive power is even stronger. In addition, Velcro strips are typically wider. This makes Velcro a great option for sticking records to more uneven surfaces, such as brick or concrete.
  • Mounting tape. This lightweight, double-sided tape is your best friend for DIY decorating with records. You might need to use a few pieces for each full-size record you mount, but it’s still a more affordable option than premade record mounts. You can find mounting tape at your local hardware store.

2. 7” Record Collages

7” records play at 45 RPM, which is noticeably faster than the standard 33 ⅓ RPM speed of LPs. These records offer great sound quality, but they’re relatively uncommon these days due to their limited storage capacity. A 7” record can only hold about one song per side, which is why they’ve been used for decades for promotional singles.

You can often find a wealth of old 7” records at your local thrift store or used record shop, and these are the perfect base for making a great collage. Used 7” records are often separated from their packaging material, which can leave them vulnerable to scratches and warping. Luckily, that won’t stop you from using them to decorate!

There are quite a few ways to make a collage using 7” records, but the simplest option is often the best. Since 7” records are small and lightweight, they can be affixed to a wall using mounting tape. Just a few pieces of double-sided tape on the back of a record allows you to stick it to the wall, leaving it stable and secure for years to come.

We love this project because it’s affordable, uses pre-owned records that otherwise aren’t getting much attention, and saves your favorite albums to be used where they should be… on your turntable!

3. Homemade Record Clock

A clock is a fantastic decorative piece to add to any room in your home. It also serves a purpose, which is, of course, an added bonus. However, some clocks can look a bit bland, detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your space rather than adding to it. Fortunately, this do-it-yourself record clock is just about the best-looking timekeeper you can hang on your wall.

You can make a record clock yourself, but there’s also plenty available online that crafty individuals have already assembled. If you’re interested in making a clock out of a particular record in your collection, though, it’s simpler than you might think. All you need is a clock movement kit, and you’re good to go.

A clock movement kit is a battery-powered mechanism that you can attach to just about anything to turn it into a functional time-teller. Your average clock movement kit comes with a mount and mounting hardware, so you’ll just need basic tools (a hammer and some nails) to get it on the wall after assembly.

How to Put Together Your Own Record Clock

To put together your own record clock, follow these simple steps: 

  • Choose a favorite record that you won’t be trying to listen to anytime soon. Once you turn this particular vinyl into a clock, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to spin it on your turntable.
  • Pick up a clock movement kit online. You can find one online for around eight dollars, so this DIY project isn’t going to break your bank. We highly recommend finding a clock movement kit with hands that are white or red. Black hands can easily get lost against the black backdrop of a vinyl record, so it’s much easier to tell the time if you use hands with a different color. 
  • Use a drill to make your record’s hole bigger. This will effectively ruin the record, so make sure it’s one you’re ready to part with. Ideally, an old, used record is the best option for this project. You can pick one up in the quarter bin at a thrift store, saving you the pain of losing one of your favorite albums. 
  • Push the clock movement mechanism through the hole in the record, then use the hardware that comes with it to lock it in place. Once the mechanism is attached to the back of the record, you can screw the hands in place and call it a day.

A Whole New Look

Want to learn more about vinyl record collecting? Make sure to check out the Sound of Vinyl for everything you need to know about the best way to listen to music. 


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