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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Bad Vibes Forever

The final album from XXXTENTACION
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Track List

Introduction , Ex Bitch , Ugly , Bad Vibes Forever (Feat. PNB Rock & Trippie Redd) , School Shooters (Feat. Lil Wayne) , I Changed Her Life (Feat. Rick Ross) , Triumph , Limbo (Feat. Killstation) , Before I Realize , Ecstasy (Feat. Noah Cyrus) 1 Kill My Vibe (Feat. Tom G) 1, Hot Gyal (Feat. Tory Lanez & Mavado) 1, The Only Time I Feel Alive (W/ Craig Xen) 1, The Interlude Tha Never Ends 1, Daemons (Feat. Joey Bada$$ & Kemba) 1, Attention! 1, Eat It Up 1, Voss (Feat. Sauce Walka & Carnage) 1, Royalty (Feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don, Vybz Kartel) , Wanna Grow Old (I Won't Let Go) (Feat. Jimmy Levy) 2 Hearteater 2, Northstar (Remix) (Feat. Joyner Lucas) 2, Chase / Glass Shards (Feat. Ikabodveins) 2, Numb the Pain 2, It's All Fading to Black (Feat. Blink-182)

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