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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Blaster Master Zero & Blaster Master Zero 2

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Inti Creates, Brave Wave Productions and Limited Run Games are proud to unveil (Generation Series) GS-014: Blaster Master Zero The Definitive Soundtrack and GS-015: Blaster Master Zero 2 The Definitive Soundtrack for vinyl.Developed by Inti Creates, Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 are retro-style successors to the original NES action-adventure game "Blaster Master" published by SUNSOFT.Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 are composed by the Inti Creates Sound Team led by Ippo Yamada, alongside composers Naoki Kodaka, Hiroaki Sano, Aoi Takeda, Ryo Kawakami, Kotaro Yamada, Ryo Yoshinaga, Hiroyuki Sato, and Takumi Sato, and arrangers hally, Tatsuhiko Kasuga, Ichiro Kato, Bun and hydden. Each soundtrack will come on two 12" vinyl and will contain every track from both games mastered especially for vinyl.
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Track List

Black Box , Blaster Master Zero , The Underground Adventure Begins , Fire the Blaster Rifle , Encounter , Huge Mutants , The Mutant’S Lair , Search the Ruined City , Nora-2057: Eve , Moebius Engine 1 Next Level 1, The Wretched Waterworks 1, The Abyssal Seas 1, Frigid Glacier 1, Jason’S Resolution 1, Full Acceleration Blast 1, Planet Eate 1, The Grotesque Labyrinth 1, Evil Unchained , Multidimensional World 2 Emerging Victorious 2, Eve’S Deception 2, Tears Under the Night Sky 2, Memories of the Metafight 2, Shattered Bonds 2, Invem Ma-XX 2, Smiles Under the Blue Sky 2, Expand the Arsenal! 2, Power Up, Sophia! , Secret 3 Battle Blasters (Blaster Master Zero) 3, Pandora's Box 3, Blaster Master Zero 2 3, Gaia Sophia 3, Flosante: Sky High 3, Flosante: Falling Down 3, Forboding Premonition 3, Cosmic Cataclysm 3, Inner Turmoil , The Mutant Pandemic 4 Interstellar Voyage 4, Planetoid: Meteorite 4, Eve & Jason 4, Montoj: Bamboo-Bladed Mountains 4, Montoj: Flow with the Tide 4, Another Light 4, Leader of the Ikki

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