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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Star Fleet Project 40th Anniversary Box Set

RED 180-gram Box Set (Music Only)

Format: 2CD + LP (Transparent Red Vinyl) + 7” (Black Vinyl)

The first CD Star Fleet Project + Beyond features both the full-length and single versions of the title track full-length album versions of “Let Me Out” and “Blues Breaker,” as well as interviews and live performances. The second CD, The Complete Sessions features 23 tracks newly mixed from the original analogue session tapes. The LP is presented in 180g transparent red vinyl. The box set also features a 7” black vinyl with an exclusive B-side. A badge and booklet featuring extensive liner notes complete the box set.

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Track List

2CD - Disc 1
1 Star Fleet (Edited Single Version - 2023 Mix)
2 Let Me Out (2023 Mix)
3 Blues Breaker (2023 Mix)
4 Cynthia Fox Release Day Interview (1983)
5 Bob Coburn Rockline Interview (1984)
6 Let Me Out (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
7 We Will Rock You (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
8 We Will Rock You Fast (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
9 Star Fleet (2023 Mix)

2CD - Disc 2
1 Star Fleet (Take 1)
2 Star Fleet (Take 2)
3 Star Fleet (Take 3)
4 Star Fleet (Take 4)
5 Star Fleet (Take 5)
6 Solo Jam
7 Star Fleet (Take 7)
8 Star Fleet (Take 8)
9 Star Fleet (Take 10)
10 Star Fleet (Take 11)
11 Star Fleet (Alternative overdub EVH solo)
12 Jam
13 Let Me Out (Rehearsal 1)
14 Let Me Out (Rehearsal 2)
15 Boogie Woogie Jam
16 Let Me Out (Take 1)
17 Jazz Police
18 Let Me Out (Take 3)
19 Let Me Out (Take 4)
20 Jam (Let's Do The Show Right Here)
21 Let Me Out (Take 6)
22 Funky Jam
23 Let Me Out (Takes 7 & 8 false starts)

A1 Star Fleet (2023 Mix)
A2 Let Me Out (2023 Mix)
B1 Blues Breaker (2023 Mix)

A1 Star Fleet (Edited Single Version - 2023 Mix)
B1 Son Of Star Fleet (2023 Mix)

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