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YELLOW 180-gram 1LP
Round here, you can be however you wanna be, Elise Davis sings at the end "33," one of 10 self-empowered southern anthems from her newest album, Cactus. Released two years after The Token - Davis' 2016 debut, whose electrified roots-rock sound earned praised from outlets like Rolling Stone Country, Noisey, and The Wall Street Journal - Cactus shows the full range of her songwriting. Here, she moves between lush alt-country and stripped-down folk confessionals, gluing everything together with story-driven songs about independence, liberation, and resilience as an adult woman. If The Token's own songs were vulnerable and diary-like, their lyrics pulled from Davis' past romances, then Cactus turns a new leaf, with Davis taking pride in her status as a single, self-sufficient adult woman. Like the desert plant that lends the album it's title, she doesn't need help from others to grow tall. "Cacti are independent plants that sustain themselves," she explains. "They can be beautiful with bright-colored flowers on them, but if you touch them, they will hurt you. I see a lot of parallels with the way I have felt most of my life. It felt like the perfect album title for these songs." Davis' independent streak began in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she began writing songs at 12 years old. By college, she was booking her own tours and gigging regionally across the state. It was her relocation to Nashville that kickstarted the busiest phase of her career, though, with Davis landing a publishing deal during her first two years in town. Daily co-writing sessions whittled her songwriting to a sharp point, while an ongoing string of recordings - including The Token, recorded in Maine and released in partnership with Thirty Tigers - all showcased a musician who shone just as brightly onstage as she did in the writing room. When it came time to record Cactus, Davis remained in Tennessee, tapping producer Jordan Lehning (Rodney Crowell, Caitlin Rose, Andrew Combs, Birdcloud's Jasmin Kaset) to helm her most personal work to date. The two worked together for six months, holed up in Lehning's home studio, looking to albums like Tom Petty's Wildflowers and Aimee Mann's Mental Illness for inspiration. They paid tribute to Davis' adopted hometown, too, layering songs like the woozy, western "Hold Me Like a Gun" and the cathartic "Don't Bring Me Flowers" - the latter co-written with Grammy-winner Maren Morris - with pedal steel, acoustic guitar, keyboards, strings and vocal harmonies. Davis' melodies remained at the forefront of every mix, her voice honest and unflinching, stripped free of the reverb that had swirled it's way throughout The Token. A bold, country-leaning album, Cactus never pulls it's punches. Davis examines long-term monogamy and loneliness with "Lone Wolf," "Hold Me Like A Gun," and the album's percussive title track, then talks frankly about sexuality during songs like "Man" and "Don't Bring Me Flowers." She tackles the institution of marriage - as well as the societal misconception that women should be married by a certain age - on "33" and "Married Young," then looks at wider issues like depression ("Moody Marilyn") and climate change ("Last Laugh") during the album's second half. Together, Cactus paints the picture of a modern woman in the modern world. It's an album about what it takes to stand alone, rooted in the hard-won wisdom of a songwriter who's unafraid to shine a light on her missteps and victories. US 1. Hold Me Like a Gun 2. The Burn 3. Cactus 4. Married Young 5. Lone Wolf 6. 33 7. Last Laugh 8. Man 9. Moody Marilyn 10. Don't Bring Me Flowers N N N N ELISE DAVIS 08/31/2018 1 22547 N N 0 37 1 .63 36871261 44.99 31.24 9 CYRD732.1 5013929173217 01 ALIEN SEX FIEND POSSESSED 11/23/2018 001 002 Alien Sex Fiend return with their ferocious new album. Packed with pounding rhythms, speaker- shredding guitars, squelchy synthesisers and, of course, Nik Fiend's latest chainsaw-psychiatry outpourings, Possessed" puts the Fiends back where they belong, at the top of their own rotten pile. US Limited Edition 1. Possessed (Intro) 2. Shit's Coming Down [Explicit] 3. It's in My Blood 4. Carcass 5. Ghost in the Machine 6. Amnesia 7. Spine - Tingler 8. Gotta Get Back 9. Invisible (The Beyond Mix) 10. Neutron 11. Bloody Reprisal 12. Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix) [Explicit] N N N N CHERRY RED 10/17/2018 1 22548 N N 0 9 2 1.01 35655541 19.99 13.32 0 MBBA9371994.1 7798093719949 01 PROGRESSIVE ROCK TRANSLATION / VARIOUS PROGRESSIVE ROCK TRANSLATION / VARIOUS 03/09/2018 001 002 Hated by some, loved by many, Progressive Rock music was born in the late 1960s and has stood the test of time. As part of Music Brokers' growing vinyl collection, we present now 'Progressive Rock Translation', a limited edition album that includes the work of many of the essential artists of the genre, including Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator, Focus, Peter Hammill and Soft Machine. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound this is another essential addition to your growing 21st Century vinyl collection. AR 1. Genesis - the Serpent 2. Focus - Hocus Pocus 3. Peter Hamill & Gary Lucas - of Kith & Kin 4. Van Der Graaf Generator - Your Time Starts Now 5. Anthony Phillips & Phil Collins - Which Way the Wind Blows 6. Soft Machine - Song of Aeolus 7. Steve Hackett Feat. John Wetton - Firth of Fifth 8. Gong - Eat That Phone Book N N N N MUSIC BROKERS ARG 01/03/2018 4 22549 N N 0 0 1 .49 39001955 21.98 15.20 4 WEMK86.1 857018008029 01 KING HOBO MAUGA 05/31/2019 001 002 US N N N N WEATHERMAKER MUSIC 04/19/2019 1 22550 N N 0 4 1 .67 26535043 18.98 13.90 0 RPRW544259.1 093624935773 01 PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS HYPNOTIC EYE 07/29/2014 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the 13th studio album from veteran rockers Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. HYPNOTIC EYE is the band's first studio album in four years. 'I knew I wanted to do a Rock 'n' Roll record, ' Petty told Rolling Stone in April. 'We hadn't made a straight hard-rockin' record, from beginning to end, in a long time.' Petty and the Heartbreakers were one of the bands on the forefront of the heartland rock movement. The genre eschews the synthesizer-based music and fashion elements popularized in the 1980s. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have sold more than 80 million records worldwide, making them one of the world's bestselling bands of all time. 1. American Dream Plan B 2. Fault Lines 3. Red River 4. Full Grown Boy 5. All You Can Carry 6. Power Drunk 7. Forgotten Man 8. Sins of My Youth 9. U Get Me High 10. Burnt Out Town 11. Shadow People N N Y N REPRISE / WEA 06/03/2014 3 22551 N N 0 0 1 .77 36860883 19.98 12.85 3 GHOS78124.1 804297812441 01 SIGHT BELOW GLIDER 10 12/07/2018 001 015 US 1. At First Touch 2. Without Motion 3. Life's Fading Light 4. The Sunset Passage 5. Already There 6. Further Away 7. Dour 8. A Fractured Smile 9. Nowhere N N N N GHOSTLY INT'L 10/16/2018 1 22552 N N 0 3 1 .56 18673791 24.98 17.35 0 MERNB001716101.1 602537142460 01 JOHNSON,JAMEY LIVING FOR A SONG: TRIBUTE TO HANK COCHRAN 09/25/2012 001 003 1. Make the World Go Away 2. I Fall to Pieces 3. A Way to Survive 4. Don't Touch Me 5. You Wouldn't Know Love 6. I Don't Do Windows 7. She'll Be Back 8. Would These Arms Be in Your Way 9. The Eagle 10. A-11 11. I'd Fight the World 12. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me 13. This Ain't My First Rodeo 14. Love Makes a Fool of Us All 15. Everything But You 16. Living for a Song N N N N MERCURY NASHVILLE 08/13/2012 2 22553 N N 0 0 1 .87 33661346 37.98 25.54 3 LDDC195.1 708527170700 01 LINDT,VIRNA SHIVER 12/01/2017 001 002 Double vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered reissue of Shiver, the acclaimed debut album by seminal Swedish artist Virna Lindt, originally released by The Compact Organization in 1983. Written and produced by Virna Lindt and Tot Taylor, the original release of Shiver offered 10 slices of chic orchestrated pop informed by 'foreign film' soundtracks, movie composers John Barry and Ennio Morricone, Modernist musique concrete and Cold War spy thrillers. The album spawned three singles: 'Attention Stockholm', 'Intelligence' and 'I Experienced Love'. For the most part Lindt provides the voiceover for her own narratives, occasionally striking reflective poses amid orchestral swells and multi-layered atmospherics. US 1. AShiver 2. AI Experienced Love 3. APillow Talk 4. ASwedish Modern 5. AI Beat the System 6. Athe Dossier on Virna Lindt 7. B1. Attention Stockholm 8. C1. Windmills of Your Mind 9. C2. Model Agent 10. C3. Young & Hip 11. C4. Man Talk 12. C5. Groom 13. C6. Episode 1 14. D1. Attention Stockholm (Inst.) 15. D2. Shiver (Inst.) 16. D3. the Dossier on Virna Lindt (Inst.) 17. D4. I Beat the System (Inst.) 18. D5. Underwater Boy (Reprise) N N N N CREPUSCULE 09/12/2017 1 22554 N N 0 3 2 .93 29385485 16.98 11.97 2 RVAS26.1 028672994700 01 HOLY WAVE FREAKS OF NURTURE 03/11/2016 001 002 1. She Put a Seed in My Ear 2. Wendy Go Round 3. Western Playland 4. You Should Lie 5. California Took My Bobby Away 6. Air Wolf 7. Our Pigs 8. Sir Isaac Nukem 9. Magic Landing 10. Minstrel's Gallop N N N N REVERBERATION APPREC 01/14/2016 1 22555 N N 0 2 1 .51 23288393 27.98 21.41 1 MLMG28A.1 659123021814 01 ODDISEE PEOPLE HEAR WHAT THEY SEE 07/31/2012 001 039 1. Ready to Rock 2. Do It All 3. That Real 4. Let It Go 5. American Greed 6. The Need Superficial 7. Way in Way Out 8. Maybes 9. Anothers Grind 10. Set You Free 11. You Know Who You Are 12. Think of Things N N N N MELLO MUSIC GROUP 12/17/2013 1 22556 N N 0 1 2 .88 27176344 20.98 15.43 3 MUE69320.1 724596932018 01 CAN RITE TIME 10/21/2014 001 002 Can was founded in 1968 by Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit who formed a group which would utilize and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic, experimental, and modern classical music. RITE TIME, Can's 12th and last studio album was originally released in 1986. Can got back together with original vocalist Malcolm Mooney to record this album, which has been deemed one of the classic Can albums. 1. On the Beautiful Side of a Romance 2. Withoutlaw Man 3. Below This Level (Patient's Song) 4. Movin' Right Along 5. Like a New Child 6. Hoolah Hoolah 7. Give the Drummer Some 8. In the Distance Lies the Future N N N N MUTE U.S. 09/16/2014 1 22557 N N 0 3 1 .63 32846799 31.98 21.21 0 BEMU5156981.1 5060421569819 01 CAMILLE MUSIC HOLE 06/16/2017 001 002 US N N N N BECAUSE MUSIC 05/02/2017 5 22558 N N 0 0 3 1.00 32664256 24.98 16.75 0 RTIO310.1 8592735006522 01 ELLIS,ALTON LOVE TO SHARE 06/16/2017 001 012 US 1. Give Me Your Love 2. Pain in My Heart 3. Never Before 4. I Love You True 5. Goodnight Sweetheart 6. You, I Adore 7. Love to Share 8. Let Him Try 9. If You Love Me Still 10. Moments of Sadness N N N N RADIATION ROOTS 04/06/2017 5 22559 N N 0 0 1 .50 38799921 14.99 10.40 39 TSPL2016.1 760137234517 01 CHUCK D SPEAK RAP RACE REALITY ON THE RECORD ECKERD 04/19/2019 001 039 Chuck D, known for his groundbreaking work with the legendary Rap group PUBLIC ENEMY, has been a mainstay on the lecture circuit for 30 years. The SpitSLAM Record Label Group is proud to present, for the first time, a recording of one of these lectures, showcasing Chuck's talent, wordplay and wit, and giving his unique insight into contemporary society. Recorded at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, sPEak! Is a one of a kind record from one of the most influential voices in music history. US 1. Props to Collegians 2. We to Me 3. Usaers 4. Who Defines Now 5. Toy or Tool 6. Belafonte and Redefinition 7. Hip Hop DJS 8. Soc Meds 9. Youth No Excuse 10. What the FK Is Street Cred 11. Education Is Business 12. Corplantationelpro 13. Free Bobby 14. Is Hip Hop Dead 15. Definition of Rap and Hip Hop 16. Corplantationelpro (Part 2) 17. Style Vs Stupid N N N N THE SPITSLAM RECORD 03/04/2019 1 22560 N N 0 39 1 .50 36768387 21.99 15.27 2 REV13.1 711574511310 01 THIS WILL DESTROY YOU NEW OTHERS: PART ONE 11/09/2018 001 047 Fifth studio album from This Will Destroy You was produced, engineered, and mixed by John Congleton, the man responsible for the sound of the band's wildly popular sophomore "S/T" album of ten years ago. Available on random colored vinyl. US 1. Melted Jubilee 4:45 2. To Win, Somebody's Got to Lose 5:52 3. Syncage 4:58 4. Allegiance 4:24 5. Weeping Window 6:59 6. Like This 4:33 7. Go Away Closer 6:35 N N N N REVELATION 09/21/2018 1 22561 N N 0 2 1 .58 28672968 25.98 19.30 1 DCAB002369701.1 028947885559 01 LANCHBERY / ORCHETRA OF THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE HEROLD-LANCHBERY: LA FILLE MAL GARDEE 09/25/2015 005 158 Limited 180 gram heavyweight vinyl LP repressing. Decca is releasing their greatest recordings on vinyl and all are mastered at Abbey Road Studios from original analog tapes and pressed on 180 gram vinyl by OPTIMAL. This release features John Lanchberry and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in excerpts from the ballet La Fille mal Gard�e. "The Sound quality is simply superb.' -(Gramophone). La Fille mal gard�e is a comic ballet presented in two acts, inspired by Pierre-Antoine Baudouin's 1789 painting, La r�primande/Une jeune fille querell�e par sa m�re. The ballet was premiered on 1 July 1789 at the Grand Th��tre de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France under the title Le ballet de la paille, ou Il n'est qu'un pas du mal au bien (The Ballet of Straw, or There is Only One Step from Bad to Good). 1. Introduction, Dance of the Cock and Hens, Lise and Ribbon 2. Thomas and Alain 3. Picnic, Flute Dance, Quarrel, the Fanny Ellsler Pas-De-Deux 4. Simone, Clog Dance, Maypole Dance, Storm and Finale (Act 1) 5. Spinning, Tambourine Dance (Aria Con Variazoni), Harvesters 6. Thomas, Alain and the Notaries 7. Pas-De-Deux, Finale N N N N DECCA 08/05/2015 1 22562 N N 0 1 1 .60 33628110 24.99 17.35 3 ROGW2.1 850628007499 01 SACRED SHRINES COME DOWN THE MOUNTAIN 11/17/2017 001 002 US 1. Come Down from the Mountain 2. Pretty Thing 3. Lights Turn Green 4. Curious Chemistry 5. Perfect Dream 6. Apollo 7. Hung Up on Your Wall 8. Collisions 9. The Badge and the Gun 10. Blocking Out the Sun N N N N ROGUE WAVE 09/05/2017 1 22563 N N 0 3 1 .48 39415400 16.98 11.74 3 FAPO14234.1 767981142340 01 DISTRICTS DISTRICTS EP 09/20/2019 001 002 12" vinyl reissue of the 2014 debut EP from authentic, soulful rockers The Districts. "Funeral Beds" is an outstanding song with tinges of vintage, introspective Dylan that could give the Lumineers a run for their money, while the reflective rocker "Rocking Chair" is nearly as memorable, as Mark Larson's pensive guitar gives way to Rob Grote's emotive vocals. Elsewhere, "Lyla" is heartfelt and contemplative, and "Long Distance" balances bright tones with ruminative lyrics. US N N N N FAT POSSUM RECORDS 08/13/2019 1 22564 N N 0 3 1 .58 39007346 18.98 11.95 31 KR274.1 789856127412 01 DAISIES WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 07/12/2019 001 002 Clean pop for a new morning�Like Sugar cubes in your tea.���Waking up bleary in a poster dress��A Paisley electronic underground�A sonic marriage��Something borrowed��something blue�for love purity and fidelity��and another spite to the evil eye�Knot- tieing in sweet pop confections��put a Daisies in your ear and a sixpence in your shoe�10 tracks 33RPM US 1. What Are You Waiting For? 2. Just Yesterday 3. Everything Now 4. Nightengale 5. Rushing in 6. Anyone's Style 7. True Absolute Fiction 8. Ok, Ok! (Instrumental) 9. I'm Not Waiting Anymore 10. Keep It Movin' N N N N K. RECORDS 04/22/2019 1 22565 N N 0 31 1 .46 28734741 26.98 17.40 12 NBA3515.1 727361351519 01 KADAVAR BERLIN 10/02/2015 001 002 108 Vinyl LP pressing. After working nonstop in the studio for four months, Berlin, Germany-based classic rock overlords Kadavar have finalized the production process for their newest album, Berlin. The third full-length in the band's catalog, Berlin truly reflects the diversity of the album's namesake. Though recorded live in the studio on the band's own analog gear again, it's distinctly audible that this time round the record turned out even deeper as far as songwriting and arrangements are concerned - and that Lindemann, Bartelt and Bouteloup have spent more time on the recordings than ever before. Tracks like "Filthy Illusion" and "See The World With Your Own Eyes" knock your socks off with their boisterous energy. "The Old Man" and "Last Living Dinosaur" deliver post-modern madness at it's finest. Limited Edition N N N N NUCLEAR BLAST AMERIC 08/18/2015 1 22566 N N 0 12 2 1.00 27887684 18.98 13.38 1 MLSC66.1 888608665551 01 RED PILL LOOK WHAT THIS WORLD DID TO US 04/07/2015 001 039 "Look What This World Did to Us," the command is rhetorical. You're already aware of the echo, the generational discontent and alienation, the whispered and denied calls for absolution. No need to look around, just check your bank account and sigh - or echo Biggie and scream, "fuck the world." Your favorite song will be determined by what theme you relate to most. Look What This World Di to US is in league with the best of early Atmosphere or Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy, a modern hustle of machinery and migraines. These are the late night and empty bottles, the hard questions that come after you realize the world might not be yours. 1. Meh (Prod. Kuroioto) 2. That's Okay (Prod.L'orange) 3. Rap Game Cranky (Prod. Duke Westlake) 4. Windows (Prod. Castle) 5. Kids (Prod. Hir-O) 6. Smoke Rings (Prod. Red Pill) 7. Leonard Letdown (Prod. Reed Eller) 8. Blus (Prod. Dayggs & Reed Eller) 9. Rum & Coke (Prod. Red Pill) 10. Drown (Prod. Hir-O) 11. Look What This World Di to Us (Prod. Red Hill) 12. 10 Year Party (Prod. Red Pill) N N N N MELLO MUSIC 02/13/2015 1 22567 N N 0 1 1 .55 16216129 19.98 14.09 0 DTHW70.1 020286167297 01 BLACKLISTED HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN & LONELIER THAN GOD 10/11/2011 001 002 N N N N DEATHWISH INC 11/16/2011 4 22568 N N 0 0 1 .89 36251001 23.98 17.99 0 RGER5.1 040232227424 01 SEDUCE SEDUCE 07/06/2018 001 002 108 Vinyl LP pressing. Seduce is a heavy metal/power metal trio formed in Detroit in the early-80s, best known for their appearance in Penelope Spheeris' cult film The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Part II, where they were the only band not based in Los Angeles to be featured in the documentary. Their unique sound integrates the weightiness and authenticity of classic rock, unabashed brassiness of glam, danger of Detroit grit, and the ferocity of power metal. With influences ranging from Van Halen to Motorhead, Led Zeppelin to New York Dolls, Seduce emanates an unrelenting energy both onstage and on record. Their self-titled 1985 debut has become a highly sought after album among the underground metal community and has never seen major worldwide distribution until now. This all new remastered colored vinyl version of the album includes a digital download card with three bonus live tracks. US 1. Viper's Bite 2. Love to Hate 3. Streets 4. Face to Face 5. Chopping Block 6. Headbangers 7. The Mirror 8. Madcap N N N N ROUGE RECORDS 05/16/2018 2 22569 N N 0 0 1 .56 36654994 19.99 13.88 5 SGNR16.1 7340148111668 01 LIZZIES ON THIN ICE 11/09/2018 001 002 108 Lizzies returns with the second album 'On Thin Ice'. The eleven track long album is sharper, tighter & filled with some of the strongest hooks & choruses of the year. The album follows the bands applauded debut, 'Good Luck', that made it to #16 in the Spanish Charts. The entire recording got an 80�s vibe over it & includes hit songs that would have been immortalized today if released 40 years ago. US 1. Like An Animal 3:26 2. No Law City 4:09 3. I'm Paranoid 3:25 4. Playing with Death 3:28 5. Real Fighter 2:51 6. Talk It and Get Hit 2:50 7. Final Sentence 3:32 8. Rosa Maria 2:34 9. World Eyes on Me 3:49 10. Love Is Hard 4:06 11. The Crown 4:22 N N N N SIGN RECORDS 08/22/2018 1 22570 N N 0 5 1 .75 28747598 19.98 13.03 1 TNEG145.1 633757254619 01 ADULT MOM MOMENTARY LAPSE OF HAPPILY 08/28/2015 001 002 ADULT MOM is the project of one STEPH KNIPE of Purchase College, NY. Started in, and forever brewed in a bedroom, Adult Mom is an exploration into the darker subjects of life, the personal and explicit we are often told to keep to ourselves. At the forefront of Adult Mom is honesty and intimacy as Knipe writes clever pop songs that offer a glimpse into the journey of a gender-weird queer navigating through heartache, trauma and subsequent growth. Life is about temporary moments in time. Everything is fleeting. Love is not lost, it just falls off and manifests elsewhere. With their debut LP, Momentary Lapse of Happily, Adult Mom bravely shines a light on the darkness and allows the listener to experience and feel those moments along with them. The album may be a snapshot of the temporary but the listen is one that will stay with you long after. 1. Be Your Own 3Am 2. Survival 3. 2012 4. Told Ya So 5. Sorry I Was Sorry 6. Sun Theory 7. What's Another Lipstick Mark 8. Sincerely Yours, Truly 9. Laying on My Floor 10. Meg Ryan 11. Wake 12. When You Are Happy 13. Lose/Recover N N Y N TINY ENGINES 08/20/2015 1 22571 N N 0 1 1 .12 17004343 7.98 5.15 3 COEM93238.7 762189323805 07 ON THE SPOT SUCTION 06/26/2012 001 004 On the Spot, and in the pocket - a tight trio with a wickedly funky feel - one that serves up plenty of Hammond organ over heavy drumlines! "Suction" doesn't suck at all - as it's a great groover with a really upbeat feel - and "Critically Acclaimed" - a vamping funky cut with almost a War-like vibe at times! 1. Suction 2. Critically Acclaimed Shit N N N N COLEMINE RECORDS 06/26/2012 1 22572 N N 0 3 1 .09 36866434 19.98 12.85 1 SELS36718.1 602318136718 01 AMANAR DE KIDAL TUMASTIN 02/03/2016 001 012 US N N N N SAHEL SOUNDS 10/16/2018 1 22573 N N 0 1 1 .52 21406805 31.98 20.25 0 MAT11035.1 744861103516 01 DARKSIDE PSYCHIC 10/08/2013 001 015 Vinyl LP pressing. Darkside is the collaborative duo of critically acclaimed electronic artist Nicolas Jaar and guitarist/composer Dave Harrington. Darkside summon a hybrid of electronic music, psychedelic rock, and dance floor techno with the sort of artistic depth and breadth for which the term "progressive" was coined. Darkside's first full-length album released on Nico's own Other People label in conjunction with Matador Records is called Psychic. Darkside's Psychic is a watershed moment for the duo, a quantum leap forward from their 3-song debut, 2011's Darkside EP. 1. Golden Arrow 2. Sitra 3. Heart 4. Paper Trails 5. The Only Shrine I Ve Seen 6. Freak, Go Home 7. Greek Light 8. Metatron N N N N MATADOR RECORDS 09/04/2013 2 22574 N N 0 0 2 .94 32263190 17.98 13.08 11 TLOV100.1 810430010018 01 DOUGLAS,TICA OUR LADY STAR OF THE SEA HELP & PROTECT US 05/05/2017 001 002 US 1. My Friend's Exes 2. Down + Out 3. Lost/Left Behind 4. Deaths Come in Threes 5. Habits + Rituals 6. Weightless 7. The Same Thing 8. Familiar 9. I Won't Lie 10. It Moves Me 11. I Will Be Able N N N N TEAM LOVE RECORDS 03/23/2017 1 22575 N N 0 11 1 .64 40002675 37.98 29.03 2 MCVL271.1 8719262013339 01 LA BELLE EPOQUE / O.S.T. LA BELLE EPOQUE / O.S.T. 01/24/2020 001 024 Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing housed in gatefold sleeve Victor, a disillusioned sexagenarian, sees his life turned upside down on the day when Antoine, a brilliant entrepreneur, offers him a new kind of attraction: mixing theatrical artifices and historical reconstruction, this company offers his clients a chance to dive back into the era of their choice. Victor then chose to relive the most memorable week of his life: the one where, 40 years earlier, he met the great love. The La Belle Epoque soundtrack features the film's original music composed by director Nicolas Bedos (Mr & Mrs Adelman) and Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen (I Still Hide to Smoke, Chambord). It also includes songs by Billie Holiday, Baccara, Player and many more musicians. The movie's music perfectly fits the story and creates the mood to listen to it for hours. In the first week of release, a record-breaking 550,000 people watched the movie in cinemas around France. US Limited Edition 1. Sonate N�4 Pour Violon Et Clavecin en Ut Mineur BWV 1017 - Allegro (2E Mouvement) - Giuliano Carmignola, Andrea Marcon 2. Soiree Hemingway 3. Margot Theatre 4. La Ronde 5. A la Porte 6. Bienvenue Dans Nos Decors 7. Chambre Margot 8. The Man I Love - Billie Holiday 9. Honey - Bobby Goldsboro 10. Por Una Cabeza - Quintango 11. Dessiner Margot 12. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass 13. Me and Bobby McGee (Version Studio) - Doria Tillier 14. Yes Sir I Can Boogie - Baccara 15. Lost in Your Arms - Franck Hedin 16. Baby Come Back - Player 17. Crying Tree - Riaan Vosloo & Benedic Lamdin 18. J'ai 10 Ans - Alain Souchon 19. And I Will Follow - After All 20. Ballade de Marianne 21. Generique de Fin N 180 N N BLUE N MUSIC ON VINYL 12/13/2019 1 22576 N N 0 2 1 1.28 27282557 24.99 17.70 1 RSTB6.1 4250137202969 01 LEGENDARY PINK DOTS 10 TO THE POWER OF 9 01/13/2015 001 002 Limited Edition 1. Olympus 2020 2. Open Season 3. Room for Two 4. The Elevator N N N N RUSTBLADE 10/02/2014 1 22577 N N 0 1 1 .50 25725056 23.99 16.65 0 REV16A.1 098796001615 01 SHELTER PERFECTION OF DESIRE 01/01/2013 001 002 Their first release. Ray Cappo (Youth of Today) with music played by Tommy Capone (Beyond, Bold, Quicksand), and Todd, Dave and Bill from CT's 76% Uncertain. CD includes two additional bonus tracks not available on the LP and a sermon. 1. Turn It Around 2. In the Name of Comfort 3. Enough 4. Society Based on Bodies 5. Death and Dying 6. Photographs Lie 7. Shelter 8. Interview with H.G. Satyaraja Prabhu N N N N REVELATION 12/27/2013 2 22578 N N 0 0 1 .54 35466505 24.98 17.70 3 CAPB002696101.1 602557705119 01 TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD SIXTEEN TONS 12/15/2017 001 003 Vinyl LP pressing. Ernest Jennings Ford began his career singing country music on the radio later adopting the name Tennessee Ernie. "Sixteen Tons" was his biggest hit featured on this album, selling over one million copies and holding the #1 position on the Billboard Country Music charts for ten weeks." Now available as a single LP on standard weight vinyl in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary. "Sixteen Tons" is a sparsely arranged coal-miner's lament, that Merle Travis first recorded in 1946 reflecting his own family's experience in the mines of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. The song's authorship has been claimed by both Travis and George S. Davis, although Travis is recognized as the sole author on the recording itself, by BMI and in virtually all reference works. US 1. Sixteen Tons 2. Mule Train 3. Cry of the Wild Goose 4. I LL Never Be Free 5. Ain't Nobody S Business But My Own 6. Shotgun Boogie 7. Mr and Mississippi 8. Ocean of Tears 9. You Re My Sugar 10. The Honeymoon S Over 11. The Ballad of Davy Crockett 12. River of No Return 13. Smokey Mountain Boogie 14. Cool Cool Kisses 15. Give Me Your Word 16. Kissin Bug Boogie 17. Sweet Temptation 18. Rock City Boogie 19. Stack-O-Lee 20. Hey, Good Looking N N N N CAPITOL 10/30/2017 1 22579 N N 0 3 1 .49 30741959 22.98 14.44 0 CTSG50099.1 4250506816575 01 GOLD PANDA GOOD LUCK & DO YOUR BEST 05/27/2016 001 015 180gm vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Hailing from Chelmsford Essex in the UK, Gold Panda's journey from his meteoric rise on his first album to now is entirely circular. In the six years since the release of his genre-defining debut album Lucky Shiner, the electronic artist most comfortable with the moniker Derwin Panda spent the subsequent years splitting the majority of his time between London, Berlin and countless excursions to Japan. As he created his new, third album Good Luck And Do Your Best he ultimately found himself back where he began, in the East of England. Whereas his second album Half Of Where You Live was occasionally taut, perhaps harder and more piecing, the 11 songs that comprise Good Luck And Do Your Best have a distinctly warmer palate, one that echoes Lucky Shiner a little more. Now with a clearer range of sounds, Gold Panda has found a more cohesive vision, one where "the tracks aren't popping out against each other. It's a complete record.
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Track List

Metal Bird , In My Car , Chiba Nights , Pink and Green , Song for a Dead Friend , I Am Real Punk , Autumn Fall , Halyards , Time Eater , Unthank 1 Your Good Times Are Just Beginning

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