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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

SUMMER SALE 30% OFF STOREWIDE *Some Exclusions May Apply..*

Fistful More of Rock N' Roll Vol. 3 / Various

It all started in the year 2000 when Electric Frankenstein guitarist Sal Canzonieri partnered up with Victory Records to release the greatest Rock n' Roll compilations ever made, "A Fistful of Rock' Roll." The series had 13 volumes and features some of Rock's greatest up and coming bands like Electric Frankenstein, The Supersuckers, The Bellrays, The Hellacopters, Zeke, Turbonegro, Glucifer, Danko Jones, The Dwarves, The Donnas, so many more.Today, a little over a decade later, there is a whole new generation of young bands that have built upon what the previous bands started, keeping Punk Rock n' Roll alive and full of high energy action. Thus, a second series was necessary to document this: "A Fistful MORE of Rock n' Roll Vol. 3"; with more volumes of the best NEW ROCK.
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Track List

Black Sheriff - Turn Me on , Black Gremlin - the Flame , Deathtraps - Track Marks and Lullabies , The Egyptian Gay Lovers - Ten Pound Hammer , The Empire Strikes - the Fix , Governess - Drone Strike Love , Flexx Bronco - Heart on the Floor (Alt Version) , Nevadah - Iggy Dog , The Drippers - Solitary Speaking , Randy Savages - Guilty of Nuthin 1 Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre - Hit the Road 1, The Dirty Denims -One Way Ticket 1, Bunt - Fire 1, King Mastino - Ain't Nothing to Fade 1, The Cheats - Bad Attitude 1, Reptile Tongue - Not the Passionate One 1, Dog Toffee - Kilmeister 1, East Coast Low - Bad Luck Blues 1, The 4 Faces -Best of Both Worlds , Projeckt Daghouse - Thousand Days 2 Poison Boys - Run & Hide 2, The Tracy Lords - House of Lords 2, The Cops - Life on the Beat 2, He Who Cannot Be Named - Bad Penny 2, Hard Action - Tunnel Vision 2, Thee Eviltones - Human Mistake

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