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My first record, Policy, was a book of short stories, Will Butler says. "Generations is more of a novel-despairing, funny, a little bit epic... A big chunk of this record is asking: What's my place in American history? What's my place in America's present? Both in general-as a participant, as we all are, in the shit that's going down-but, also extremely particularly: me as Will Butler, rich person, white person, Mormon, Yankee, parent, musician of some sort, I guess. What do I do? What can I do? The record asks that question over and over, even if it's not much for answers." Generations was recorded and produced by Butler in the basement of his home in Brooklyn. Tracking finished in March 2020, as New York closed down for the pandemic. Half the record was mixed in Montreal by longtime Arcade Fire engineer Mark Lawson, the other half by Brooklyn-based producer Shiftee (who is, incidentally, bandmate Julie Shore's husband and Will's brother-in-law). US 1. Outta Here 2. Bethlehem 3. Close My Eyes 4. I Don't Know What I Don't Know 5. Surrender 6. Hide It Away 7. Hard Times 8. Promised 9. Not Gonna Die 10. Fine N N Y N MERGE RECORDS 07/10/2020 8 61796 N N 0 0 1 .50 10379639 19.98 13.46 0 MRR102.1 725544010215 01 COASTERS WHAT IS YOUR SECRET OF SUCCESS 12/25/1999 001 002 Previously released tracks from 1957-64. (Previously deleted:8/1/06. Original release date:3/22/00) 1. (When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes to Me 2. What Is the Secret of Your Success? 3. Gee Golly 4. Sorry But I'm Gonna Have to Pass 5. Besame Mucho, Pt. 1 & 2 6. Lady Like 7. Thumbin' a Ride 8. Ridin' Hood 9. Girls Girls Girls, Pt. 2 10. Hongry 11. Teach Me How to Shimmy 12. Bull Tick Waltz 13. The P.T.A 14. Bad Detective 15. Lovey Dovey 16. Wild One N N N N MR R&B 10/18/2004 5 61797 N N 0 0 1 .46 31836401 24.98 17.70 0 MRY4797827.1 602547978271 01 WELLER,PAUL HEAVY SOUL 01/20/2017 001 002 Limited vinyl LP pressing. Heavy Soul is the fourth album by English singer-songwriter Paul Weller, originally released on 23 June 1997 (5 August in the USA). The album received largely favorable reviews. It sold enough to be the #1 album on it's week of release, however it was denied this position on a technicality - five images within the album's booklet were replaced with postcards of the images in the Special Edition release, meaning that sales of the Special Edition did not count towards the album's sales as they were defined as free gifts. Paul Weller is an English singer, songwriter and musician. Weller achieved fame with the punk rock/new wave/mod revival band The Jam. He had further success with the blue-eyed soul music of The Style Council (1983-89), before establishing himself as a solo artist in 1991. US 1. Heavy Soul 2. Peacock Suit 3. Up in Suzes' Room 4. Brushed 5. Driving Nowhere 6. I Should Have Been There to Inspire You 7. Heavy Soul 8. Friday Street 9. Science 10. Golden Sands 11. As You Lean Into the Light 12. Mermaids N N N N MERCURY 11/30/2016 2 61798 N N 0 0 1 .81 27816639 24.98 17.70 0 MRY5353561.1 600753535615 01 THIN LIZZY JOHNNY THE FOX 03/23/2015 001 002 Limited edition vinyl LP repressing of this 1976 album by the Irish rockers led by vocalist, bassist and songwriter Phil Lynott. The band's line-up may have changed over the years, but their popularity remained strong in Europe and abroad during their 12 years as a recording and touring unit (1971-83) 1. Johnny 2. Rocky 3. Borderline 4. Don't Believe a Word 5. Fools Gold 6. Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed 7. Old Flame 8. Massacre 9. Sweet Marie 10. Boogie Woogie Dance N N N N MERCURY 02/02/2015 2 61799 N N 0 0 1 .70 19348667 18.98 13.51 0 MRIA4.1 020286212324 01 BIIPIIGWAN GOD'S HOOK 11/19/2012 001 002 N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 10/02/2012 5 61800 N N 0 0 1 .51 33750187 10.98 6.92 0 MRIA8622469.1 020286224693 12 UMPHREY'S MCGEE SILENT TYPE 11/23/2017 001 002 US N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 09/29/2017 2 61801 N N 0 0 1 .24 28148630 26.98 18.31 0 MRMI100742.1 889397104139 01 WATT,BEN / WYATT,ROBERT SUMMER INTO WINTER / NORTH MARINE DRIVE 06/02/2015 001 002 Everything But the Girl band member Ben Watt was strongly influenced in his first steps by mentor Robert Wyatt. This LP starts with Summer Into Winter, the legendary 1982 EP written and performed together by the duo of Watt and Wyatt, and continues with the English folk milestone North Marine Drive, originally released in 1983. Including a rare gem cover of Dylan's You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, this album is a must for all fans of Nick Drake. Pressed on virgin white vinyl; limited numbered edition of 500. 1. AWalter and John 2. AAquamarine 3. ASlipping Slowly 4. AAnother Conversation with Myself 5. Aa Girl in Winter 6. ALong Time No Sea 7. AYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 8. B1. on Box Hill 9. B2. Some Things Don't Matter 10. B3. Lucky One 11. B4. Empty Bottles 12. B5. North Marine Drive 13. B6. Waiting Like Mad 14. B7. Thirst for Knowledge N N N N MIRUMIR 04/07/2015 5 61802 N N 0 0 1 .52 38827808 25.98 17.64 0 MRNA84.1 4015698026757 01 PEARLFISHERS LOVE & OTHER HOPELESS THINGS 04/26/2019 001 002 LP version. Following Open Up Your Colouring Book (MA 077CD/LP, 2014), Glasgow's magnificent Pearlfishers return with Love & Other Hopeless Things. It's their eighth on Marina Records - a superb comeback full of masterful, classic pop music, driven by main man David Scott's exceptional songwriting and arrangements. The album kickstarts with it's beautiful title track - a song in the tradition of British songwriters like Paddy McAloon and Michael Head - about ordinary people dreaming and drowning in the big city. "Another foggy Monday morning/ Sail the ferry to town/ And think of all the people's dreams..." The song is led by a Bacharach-like flugel horn motif played by Colin Steele who recorded an entire album of Pearlfishers songs in terrific jazz arrangements: Diving For Pearls (MA 082CD/LP, 2017). Love & Other Hopeless Things also features a beautiful string quartet which recalls the graceful understatement of George Martin's classic pop arrangements. "Could Be A Street Could Be A Saint" is a celebration of life during the pre-Christmas days on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street. You can hear the influence of Scottish popsters Pilot whose stacked acoustics and harmonies defined pop sheen in the '70s. The track finds it's counterpoint in "A Walk Into The Blue Night" where you enter a magical world of "sainted streets" where songs start to flow - with an Ennio Morricone-like combination of minor key harmonies and orchestration. "You Can Take Me There" proves that you can create captivating soundscapes with just piano, vocals and a tiny bit of guitar. The track flows on a sublime Gilbert O'Sullivan groove - also reminiscent of Laura Nyro, one of Scott's heroes. A long-lasting Pearlfishers tradition continues with the inclusion of a quirky instrumental: "A Woman On The Verge Of Becoming A Cyclist" (talking about quirky!) sounds a lost '70s movie theme -culminating in a brass band fanfare. Love & Other Hopeless Things also features two splendid songwriting-collaborations. "Once I Lived In London" was written with Bill DeMain - Nashville broadcaster, Grammy-nominated author, and member of US duo Swan Dive; the beautiful piece of chamber pop recalls London in the '80s. "Sometimes It Rains In Glasgow" was written and performed with Joni Mitchell/Carole King-influenced Becci Wallace. The wistful ballad "Another Sunflower" closes the album on an emotional note. Revisiting the Pearlfishers' seasonal album A Sunflower At Christmas (MA 063CD/LP, 2004), this New Year's Eve song is augmented by a stunning string arrangement. US N N N N MARINA 03/12/2019 5 61803 N N 0 0 1 .55 11604068 6.98 4.71 0 MRRG26.1 851431001261 12 WORMS WORMS 07/11/2006 001 002 1. Track 1 2. Track 2 3. Track 3 4. Track 4 5. Track 5 6. Track 6 [Instrumental] 7. Track 6 8. Track 7 9. Track 8 10. Track 9 11. Track 10 12. Track 11 N N N N MARRIAGE RECORDS 05/25/2006 5 61804 N N 0 0 1 .58 27048269 9.98 7.49 0 MSFT4501590.7 823054015901 07 MISFITS HORROR XMAS 10/27/2014 001 002 1. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch 2. Island of Misfit Toys 3. Blue Christmas N N N N MISFITS RECORDS 08/22/2014 2 61805 N N 0 0 1 .17 19101743 9.98 5.81 0 MSHE40.7 634457572478 07 AEGES SOUTHERN COMFORT/STARS 10/16/2012 001 002 1. Southern Comfort 2. Stars N N N N MYLENE SHEATH 09/06/2012 5 61806 N N 0 0 1 .15 27988695 36.98 25.01 0 MRMI100709.1 889397102227 01 ARTEMIEV,EDWARD STALKER / MIRROR: MUSIC FROM ANDREY TARKOVSKY'S 01/20/2015 001 015 N N N N MIRUMIR 03/09/2015 5 61807 N N 0 0 1 .67 36216796 24.98 16.75 0 MRMO1.1 880918230122 01 SCHICKERT,GUNTER LABYRINTH 06/01/2018 001 002 US 1. Morning 2. Sieben 3. Ninja Schwert 4. Ha He Hi Ho 5. Tsunami 6. Oase 7. Checking 8. Palaver 9. Morning (Slide) N N N N MARMO MUSIC 05/10/2018 5 61808 N N 0 0 1 .54 32159523 24.98 17.87 0 MRY5707117.1 602557071177 01 MARTYN,JOHN BLESS THE WEATHER 04/14/2017 001 002 Limited vinyl LP pressin g of this 1971 album from the British singer, songwriter and guitarist. Bless the Weather marks his return as a solo artist having released two albums with his wife Beverley Martyn. When it was released it garnered his best reviews to date, and remains a firm favorite among fans, featuring such standards as "Head and Heart" and the title track. The album is predominantly acoustic, although it does feature Martyn's first real 'echoplex' track in "Glistening Glyndebourne". Q magazine chose Bless the Weather among the dozen essential folk albums of all time in 1999. According to Q the album was recorded in just three days. In November 2007 Bless the Weather was included in a list by The Guardian newspaper entitled '1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die'. US 1. Go Easy 2. Bless the Weather 3. Sugar Lump 4. Walk on the Water 5. Just Now 6. Head and Heart 7. Let the Good Things Come 8. Back Down the River 9. Glistening Glyndebourne 10. Singin' in the Rain N N N N MERCURY 02/22/2017 5 61809 N N 0 0 1 .57 26434346 22.98 17.06 0 MTB153031.1 039841530315 01 DEICIDE LEGION 07/08/2014 001 002 N N N N METAL BLADE 05/16/2014 4 61810 N N 0 0 1 .55 31812054 33.98 26.25 0 MTB153821.1 039841538212 01 KING'S X KING'S X 01/20/2017 001 002 US Limited Edition N 180 N N N METAL BLADE 11/22/2016 5 61811 N N 0 0 3 1.15 33501871 22.98 17.23 0 MTB155383.1 039841553833 01 ACT OF DEFIANCE OLD SCARS & NEW WOUNDS 09/29/2017 001 002 108 Vinyl LP pressing. With their 2015 debut Birth And The Burial, Act Of Defiance delivered a blast of pure and unadulterated metal that ignored fads and hit home hard. Returning with the crushing Old Scars, New Wounds, they have only upped the stakes. With titanic anthems such as "Overexposure" and "Rise Of Rebellion" and the in-your-face blasts of "Molten Core" and "Another Killing Spree," they prove their mettle time and again here. Moreover, each of the 11 tracks sound fresh and urgent while wielding a timeless quality that will connect powerfully with metal fans new and old - and there aren't many contemporary bands who can make such a claim. Naturally blending a plethora of metallic styles and never recycling ideas, the Dave Otero-produced Old Scars, New Wounds is an even more dynamic and diverse collection than it's predecessor. US N N N N METAL BLADE 08/15/2017 5 61812 N N 0 0 1 .54 36321629 35.98 27.80 0 MTB155945.1 039841559453 01 REDEMPTION LONG NIGHT'S JOURNEY INTO DAY 07/27/2018 001 002 108 Vinyl LP pressing. The follow-up to 2016's The Art Of Loss, which van Dyk counts as amongst Redemption's very best, Long Night's Journey Into Day is inarguably the sound of a band at the height of their powers. As followers of Redemption are also aware, it is the first full-length since the departure of vocalist Ray Alder, and features the debut of Evergrey vocalist Tom Englund. "We were unable to tour 'The Art Of Loss' because Ray was not able to actively participate in Redemption any longer, so we decided it was time to part company shortly after it's release. Ray is a dear friend, and I have nothing but respect and love for him and what we created together. But at some point, it just became untenable." Of course, Alder's shoes were not exactly going to be easy to fill, and it was essential that his successor be someone who would immediately command respect, as well as somebody who could exceed expectations when it came to performance. Moreover, it was integral that they had someone who could fully invest in the lyrical themes concerning the human condition, which have always been central to Redemption. So, the fact that from the beginning of his career Englund has penned lyrics about feelings of doubt, fear and despair with an unshakable emotional authenticity made him the perfect choice. "Because of the power of his voice and the emotion he brings, this isn't going to be a shocking transition for fans. Tom's also a very versatile vocalist, and being a songwriter, he has a tremendous melodic and compositional sensibility, and on top of that, we've known each other for many years, and there is a level of not just professional respect but personal friendship to it all.
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