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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Gravel Remixed

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D33J dropped Gravel last in late 2013, a record as somber and grey as its name suggests. If the original floated in a haunted and confined space, Gravel Remixed inhales oxygen from outside of the house, wrapped in the smoke and darkness of the club. For his latest Anticon EP, the LA-based producer born Djavan Santos conscripted four of his favorite producers: Low Limit, The Cyclist, P. Morris, and Purple. Each contributes uniquely iridescent and propulsive twists.�I wanted to go with friends of mine whose music I�ve respected and listened to for a while, so picking this crew of people came naturally,� D33J says. �If Gravel existed in a ghostly, soft, low key space, these remixes bring them out of their walls and open them up.��Faded Creek� originally felt like watching a creek dry up in time lapse; the remix from D33J�s Wedidit crewmate Purple turns it into a sinister river. A once weary jam gets industrial hollow drums and a torrid pulse. The initial LED glow of �Slow� reflected the circumstances of its recording: with Santos living in a San Francisco �art-frat,� a constant party house that forced him to retreat into his room with the lights off in order to work in solitude. In Low Limit�s talons, it becomes a sped-up minimal house thump, bolstered by soulful vocals and sly groove.�If Gravel were the shy emotional loner, these remixes would be the more outgoing energetic brother,� D33J says. �The dark self-reflective emotions still shine through, but with a vessel to bring it to a club atmosphere.�Not to be ignored are remixes from London�s Leaving Records artist The Cyclist or P. Morris. The former revolutionizes �Empty Sunset� from a faded and fucked up vision into ectoplasmic funk. While P. Morris morphs �Stills� into a twinkling slow-motion R&B swoon.The remixes renovate on the foundation without demolishing what made the originals so singular. They are new stories infected by different specters, each with their own dance moves.�Gravel was made in 2 weeks in while I was living in a dark ass packed warehouse, so now as time passes,� Santos says. �It serves as a sort of time capsule to a specific to that time in life. This exists to soundtrack a new one.�
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