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We are currently experiencing delays and are working hard to deliver your order as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
We are currently experiencing delays and are working hard to deliver your order as soon as possible.

Greta / O.S.T.

180-gram 1LP
Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 2019 release. A sweet, na�ve young woman trying to make it on her own in New York City, Frances (Chlo� Grace Moretz) doesn't think twice about returning the handbag she finds on the subway to it's rightful owner. That owner is Greta (Isabelle Huppert), an eccentric French piano teacher with a love for classical music and an aching loneliness. Having recently lost her mother, Frances quickly grows closer to widowed Greta. The two become fast friends - but Greta's maternal charms begin to dissolve and grow increasingly disturbing as Frances discovers that nothing in Greta's life is what it seems in this suspense thriller from Academy Award-winning director Neil Jordan.
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Track List

Where Are You - Julie London , Sous Les Ponts de Paris - Lucienne Delyle , Libestraum - Javier Navarrete , Taking You Home - Javier Navarrete , Chewing Gum - Javier Navarrete , Bus - Javier Navarrete , Research - Javier Navarrete , Pictures - Javier Navarrete , Poison - Javier Navarrete , Kidnapping - Javier Navarrete 1 The Secret Room - Javier Navarrete 1, Finger - Javier Navarrete 1, Liberation - Javier Navarrete 1, Liebestraume - Javier Navarrete 1, Hungarian Rhapsody - Javier Navarrete 1, Wyoming - Heather Woods Broderick 1, Salt - Selk 1, The Strangers - St. Vincent

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