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Invocations" was written by composer Christopher Bono as an emotive tribute to his Father. The highlight of the album is the compelling work "Fish, Father, Phoenix, which features a dynamic chamber orchestra interwoven with samples of his father's voice and mixed with field recordings of animals, shamans and insects Bono captured while traveling in South Africa and Botswana. US 1. Invocation No. 1 Exhaust 2. Invocation No. 2 Fish, Father, Phoenix 3. Invocation No. 3 Sunday Stills the Willow 4. The Missing"For String Quartet 5. Invocation No. 2 Fish, Father, Phoenix (Instrumental) N N N N OUR SILENT CANVAS 10/06/2018 1 38305 N N 0 14 1 .63 36822355 28.99 19.50 29 OUSC14.1 789185847203 01 GHOST AGAINST GHOST STILL LOVE 11/16/2018 001 002 Ghost Against Ghost composer/producer Christopher Bono utilizes his classical background to sculpt this expansive and engaging series of compositions, contrasting heavy walls of sound with ambient passages, contemporary classical and experimental electronic influences. The story of still love began in 2014, when Bono was struck by a psychologically disorienting tragedy leading him into the studio to process the trauma. Bono plays most instruments on the album, but enlisted drummer Thomas Pridgen, (The Mars Volta, Trash Talk). Guitarist Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev) and vocalists Jamie Rae, Stacie Bono and Michele Kennedy also make special appearances. US 1. Son of Cessiphus 2. Still Love 3. A Relapse of Remembrance 4. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 1 5. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 2 6. Resume 7. Your Secret Ocean 8. Unarm 9. Guerison N N Y N OUR SILENT CANVAS 10/06/2018 1 38306 N N 0 29 1 1.08 36824021 25.98 19.49 0 MRIA916.1 789577775916 01 MULLINS,SHAWN SOUL'S CORE REVIVAL 11/30/2018 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. "I am embarking on a recording project in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the release of my album Soul's Core, which came out July 17, 1998! As you probably know, that record elevated my career to a new level and introduced my music to a worldwide audience. I always perform songs from Soul's Core in my live sets including 'Lullaby (Rockabye), ' 'Gulf of Mexico, ' 'Twin Rocks Oregon, ' 'Shimmer' and 'Anchored in You.' The song arrangements have evolved through the years as I have performed them live and grown as an artist. For the 20th Anniversary, I am going to revisit the music on Soul's Core and record two new versions of the album. I am calling this Soul's Core Revival. This is not a remix or a remaster of the original, but rather brand new recordings with new arrangements of the songs - one album will be new stripped down solo performances, some on guitar, some on piano and maybe one acapella and the second will be a new studio recording with my full band, Soul Carnival." - Shawn Mullins US N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 10/08/2018 5 38307 N N 0 0 2 1.80 38734250 23.98 17.99 3 MRIA02.1 789577778016 01 WRIGHT,CHELY REVIVAL 05/10/2019 001 003 Vinyl LP pressing. Acclaimed singer-songwriter and activist Chely Wright followed up her Joe Henry-produced comeback album I Am the Rain (2016) with the 2018 holiday EP Santa Will Find You which No Depression called the "warmest, most-family oriented" of recent holiday records. While recording the latter she also recorded five new songs which comprise the new EP Revival. Wright noted to Billboard that Revival is different than her previous releases: "One of the reasons I wanted to work with Dustin (Ransom) and Jeremy (Lister) is I knew that would take me to places I hadn't gone before. This is my 25th year of making records. It can be pretty tempting to go back to those old, comfortable, what-made-you-famous things. So I really pushed myself... to do things differently. We didn't recreate the wheel or our sonic landscape; I think people will hear something different but it also sounds like me - the best of both worlds.
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