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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Kosmos (Transparent Blue Limited Edition)

J Lloyd, one half of the duo behind British group Jungle, shares his new mixtape Kosmos, produced and recorded over a 72-hour period in early April 2020. The project is an exercise on a continuous, unfiltered flow of recording, where each track flows and develops naturally into the next idea.The mixtape was written and recorded in order, meaning the atmosphere and tempo of one track influences the next.
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Track List

Intro , God Forgiving Souls , Apocalypse , If I Fall Under , Trouble , The Way I Feel About You , Turn Into the Fire , I've Been Dreaming of , Goodbye from Mother Earth , Crushed in 1 Call Me When You Need Me 1, Glorious 1, Interlude 1, Baby 1, You Work Too Hard 1, Strange Times 1, Life Is on the Lawn 1, Myst�re 1, Let Me Be Your Hero , How Far ? 2 I Just Want to Love Her 2, Gotta Work Harder 2, Feelin' Good 2, It's No Wonder 2, Stay Home with Me

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