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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Leave Your Mark

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2014 vinyl LP pressing second full Length release from the LA-Based Rock band fronted by singer Rebecca "BECCA" Emily Hollcraft. Titled 'Leave Your Mark,' "we picked the title for different reasons. We wanted to make an album that reflected how we are live, how we play and the energy that the music gives US and we literally wanted to leave our mark with this new sound and with this new album. We wanted to instill this idea in our fans and new fans to come. We wanted to just say, No matter what it is when you leave this world you want to have something of yourself that remains, something that you're proud of and that is important. That's what we're trying to do with this album, to start a whole new chapter and continue the growth of this band".-Jordan McGraw, Stars in Stereo Guitarist.
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Track List

Not a Shot , Echo , Leave Your Mark , Fair-Weathered Friend , Firestarter , I Can't , Bed of Thorns , Vacancy , Wasted (Until I'm Gone) , Turn Me 1 Fall Forward

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