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Love Luck

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The story behind Little Hurricane's upcoming release is one seldom heard in the music industry, but the title LOVE LUCK couldn't be more fitting for a pair who originally met via a Craigslist ad. In between their last release and the writing and recording of their new record, the duo went on a 12 country, 60 show tour, which spanned drummer CC's pregnancy all way into her 9th month. Taking a break to give birth to their baby boy, the band didn't slow down when it came to getting back into the studio. This is where singer and guitarist Tone's extensive background in recording came in handy, and where he feels most at home. The years he had spent recording artists like Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Rage Against the Machine and Them Crooked Vultures paid off in spades when it came to his personal project of Little Hurricane. As he puts it, "Recording for me is just as important as writing a song. It's all part of getting a message across; the recording and the song flow together." With a newborn in tow and sleepless nights on diaper duty, Tone and CC didn't let the shock of becoming new parents prevent them from their passions of songwriting and recording. They built a home studio to work in, but never let it get in the way of caring for their child. Unconventional to say the least, Love Luck was written piece by piece, day after day, small sections at a time. "It wasn't always easy, says CC, "but like always we made the best of it. We would make sure our baby was well fed and safe, put a video monitor on him, and sneak away into the studio. I would watch him from my phone perched atop my drum set, which could be distracting, but eventually we all got into a flow." That flow created Little Hurricane's most honest and conscientious work to date. Alongside the joyful addition of their son, the band also suffered a devastating loss during the songwriting process. CC's younger brother died tragically due to a fall in the hospital following a heart surgery. "The loss of my brother definitely effected our record and our work. Grief can take months or even years from your life. The fact that my brother was a musician made music a hard place to find comfort in. But after time we returned to the studio, and even managed to pay small tributes to him throughout the album. My brother had a difficult life, but love and luck were something he never lacked. I think he would be proud." There are remnants of heartache sprinkled in songs like the first single Love Luck: "Hospital bed, dead of night, too young for end of life, I hang my head by your side," juxtaposed alongside twangy, Americana inspired inflection. The deeply personal melodic ballad "What the Stars Need" strips away the happy veneer to showcase an aching heart, longing for understanding as the chorus begs: "Tell me, what the stars need, that you can't be here now.". But alongside these raw and dedicated tracks there are more diamonds waiting to be exposed. The opening track "Mother" gives the perspective of a parent watching their child, and how if we could all look at each other in such eyes the world could be a different place. The mostly instrumental "Off the Shelf" is dripping in crunchy guitar riffs, just begging the listener to spark one up and soak in the groove. Never too far from their roots, the reggae tinged "Eyes on You" makes you feel like you are right beside Little Hurricane, soaking up sun from a breezy San Diego beach. From start to finish Little Hurricane's new record takes you on a wild ride, slipping and sliding through the ups and downs of life, but never far from a hooky chorus or riff to keep you coming back for more. Love Luck showcases how very far the band has come, while staying authentic to the blues / pop sound they started from in the first place.
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