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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Murder In Montana

CLEAR VINYL 180-gram 1LP
Some of those earlier shows we did were historically noteworthy, reminisces Tommy Niemeyer, guitarist and founder of the Accused. One of those noteworthy moments occurred in the summer of 1983. The Accused, along with the Rejectors and Montana's own Deranged Diction were booked to perform at The Forum in Missoula Montana. The dance floor had 'Dance 'til You Puke' etched into it. "The music on The Accused 'Murder in Missoula' LP is 34 minutes of 50-grit sandpaper across your face; it's rare, unearthed audio documentation with a raw, unedited, genuine appeal. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and be whisked-back in time as The Accused blast through more than a half-hour of gritty, pissed-off three-chord-punk songs; all while poking, instigating and shouting at the crowd of bewildered rednecks. The historic 1983 punk rock invasion of Montana was the brainchild of one Jeff Ament, who catapulted into mega-rock fame with his current band Pearl Jam. US 1. Political Nightmare 2. Gain Green 3. Live Our Own Lives 4. No Reason 5. In a Death Bed 6. Life's a Waste 7. Get the Hell Out 8. Wake the Fuck Up 9. Undesirables 10. Like You 11. God in a Blue & White Car 12. Teachers 13. A Child These Days 14. Un-Named 15. Tomorrow Belongs to Me 16. Bored Teenager 17. What About Later? 18. Bring the Riots to the U.S.A 19. Reality 20. I'm a Mistake N N N N PIG RECORDS 05/17/2019 1 20899 N N 0 54 1 .55 31176057 14.99 11.76 0 LUCK34.1 5060384610955 12 INKKE SECRET PALACE 07/22/2016 001 015 US N N N N LUCKYME 06/09/2016 2 20900 N N 0 0 1 .50 14276385 19.98 13.73 1 DRGC368.1 781484036814 01 AZITA HOW WILL YOU 02/17/2009 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from the Chicago-based experimental artist. How Will You? is halls and mirrors of sound and voice, sour and sweet, sense and nonsense, implying and pointing the way, crushing to crescendo before starting again in a different way, in another song. Each successive stroke eventually paints a portrait, but something is missing. How Will You? isn't complete until you enter the room. You listening completes the picture. 1. I'm Happy 2. How Will You? 3. Away 4. Laughter Again 5. !Ings Gone Wrong 6. Come William 7. Lullbye 8. You Really Knew How 9. Scylla and Charybdis N N N N DRAG CITY 01/08/2009 1 20901 N N 0 1 1 .50 36657193 24.99 17.35 3 LPUS7028.1 795457702873 01 ZOOM HELIUM OCTIPEDE 10/05/2018 001 002 A re-release of the 1994 heralded indie rock album. Produced by Greg Sage of The Wipers, Zoom's "Helium Octipede" continues to garner praise from discerning musicologists. Sadly lost in the shuffle of the band's breakup, this album is a breath of fresh air, then and now. US 1. Balboa's Cannon 2. Cane Fighter 3. Five Fingers and a Thumb 4. Ephedrine Breakfast 5. Extrano 6. Letter from Allan 7. Bottle King 8. Mynr 9. Cycle of Fifths N N N N LOTUSPOOL 08/22/2018 1 20902 N N 0 3 1 .67 39313591 24.98 18.74 1 NFX947.1 705438094712 01 ROSS,JEFF / ATTELL,DAVE BUMPING MICS WITH JEFF ROSS & DAVE ATTELL 08/23/2019 001 020 US N N N N NETFLIX 07/16/2019 1 20903 N N 0 1 3 1.22 27741788 18.98 12.09 0 JDC18028.1 093652069310 01 IMPULSE RECORDS / VARIOUS IMPULSE RECORDS / VARIOUS 01/20/2015 001 007 023 N N N N JDC RECORDS 01/12/2015 2 20904 N N 0 0 2 .85 14744655 31.98 20.95 0 SUZ5278.1 090771527813 01 BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN 10/27/2009 001 002 1. Overture 2. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 3. Morning Glory 4. My Days Are Numbered 5. Without Her 6. Just One Smile 7. I Can't Quit Her 8. Meagan's Gypsy Eyes 9. Somethin' Goin' on 10. House in the Country 11. The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud 12. So Much Love/Underture N N N N SUNDAZED MUSIC INC. 09/30/2009 2 20905 N N 0 0 1 .54 39521071 28.98 17.72 10 YEP2665.1 888072080775 01 LOS STRAITJACKETS UTTERLY FANTASTIC AND TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE SOUNDS 11/01/2019 001 002 As Los StraitJackets approach their 25th anniversary, Yep Roc is happy to reissue their long out-of-print debut album, The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sounds of Los StraitJackets. As the album title implies, Los StraitJackets knew exactly how unique their signature surf rock sound was from the beginning. The album features some of Los StraitJackets biggest hits, including "Fury" and "Itchy Chicken," both of which remain staples of the band's live set today. US 1. Fury! 2. G-Man 3. Straightjacket 4. Jetty Motel 5. Car-Hop (The Exports Cover) 6. Caveman 7. Tailspin 8. University BLVD 9. Gatecrusher 10. Itchy Chicken 11. Della Street (Raybeats Cover) 12. Calhoun Surf 13. Rampage 14. Lynxtail N N N N YEP ROC RECORDS 09/09/2019 1 20906 N N 0 10 1 .52 39277817 24.99 18.65 14 RLGM905.1 848064009054 01 STRANGELOVES WANT CANDY 08/09/2019 001 002 Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing. What do three budding music moguls from Brooklyn do when all the music business is obsessed with the British Invasion? Easy they pretend they grew up in Australia (on a sheep farm, no less)! But, as it turns out, Richard Gottehrer, Jerry Goldstein, and Bob Feldman (a.k.a Giles, Miles, and Niles Strange) didn't need any gimmicks to succeed in the music business. They had already written and produced The Angels hit My Boyfriends Back when they launched The Strangeloves; Gottehrer went on to co-found Sire Records and The Orchard, while Goldstein produced Sly & the Family Stone and War among the band members many industry achievements. But for their one and only album, Giles, Miles, and Niles Strange they were, adorned in caveman gear on the front cover of this 1965 release on Bert Berns Bang label. I Want Candy (later, of course, covered by Bow Wow Wow) was the big hit, but Cara-Lin and Night Time also scraped the Top 40, and the trio also premiered their song Hang On Sloopy before they gave it to their discovery The McCoys who took it to number one. US Limited Edition 1. Cara-Lin 2. No Jive 3. Hang on Sloopy 4. New Orleans 5. Sendin' My Love 6. I Want Candy 7. Night-Time 8. (Roll on) Mississippi 9. Satisfaction 10. Rhythm of Love 11. It's About My Baby 12. Just the Way You Are N N N RED N REAL GONE MUSIC 06/28/2019 1 20907 N N 0 14 1 .49 33034683 19.98 12.77 1 TLOB111.1 711574817016 12 VILE,KURT / GUNN,STEVE GUNN VILE 07/14/2017 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn collaborated on record in 2015 for their contributions to Three Lobed Recording's Parallelogram series. That previously ornate and limited title is now released in a non limited format standing along and outside of that prior collection. The two artists, originally connected by mutual friends and geographic proximity, have long pushed the other's continued artistic development. Despite sharing many live stages over the years, this collaborative album represents the first time that the two have worked together in the studio. Vile's side sees him recast tracks by John Prine ("Way Back When") and Randy Newman ("Pretty Boy," featuring some truly electric guitar flourishes from Gunn) as if they were KV originals. The theme of reinvention continues with Vile tearing through a solo banjo rendition of his "Red Apples" (originally from his God Is Saying This To You... LP), re-titled here as "Red Apples For Tom Scharpling.
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