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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Obliterate the Weak

BERZERKER LEGION was founded in 2016 by guitarists Tomas Elofsson (HYPOCRISY) and Alwin Zuur (ASPHYX) with a�vision to create death metal of the most belligerent quality, they recruited a line-up of solid well-known musicians�consisting of James Stewart (VADER) on drums, Jonny Pettersson (WOMBBATH) on vocals and Fredrik Isaksson (DARK FUNERAL) on bass to complete the Legion.�Alwin Zuur (guitars/songwriter) comments: � During the recent years Tomas and I met each other at shows and�festivals regularly. Much of our conversations were about music and styles. During these meetings we found out that�we really had a lot of common musical interests. Music wise "Obliterate the Weak" displays the perfect balance between brutality, melody and harmony. Being a fan of�the early 90's Swedish Gothenburg style, with bands like AT THE GATES, EUCHARTIS, A CANOROUS QUINTET, as well as�being a die-hard fan of brutal old school death metal style with bands like BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY, I have always�wanted to write songs showing a mix of such different death metal genres. The great musical cooperation between�Tomas and me has made "Obliterate The Weak" a variously solid diverse album where you can expect 11 songs of�violent pounding riffing in a massive wall of sound mixed with immense melodies and thrilling harmonies. � Vocalist Jonny Pettersson explains the lyrical theme of "Obliterate the Weak" : � The lyrical concept is based around how religion is poisoning the world, and even after so many years of evolution,�development, we still have huge parts of the world that believes in a fairytale, people who believe that this fairytale is�worth going to war over, worth killing for and uses as an excuse for truly malevolent acts. These are weak minded�sheep that will do anything in the name of whatever god they believe in. "Obliterate the Weak" draws from the will to�eradicate all forms of religion and tells a story of atrocities made in the name of a fiction. �. Saying the album songs transpire massively produced invigorating heavy death metal is an understatement.�BERZERKER LEGION knock out with warlike triumphant, powerfully addictive harmonies that will turn them into an�unstoppable beast in a live situation and on record.
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Track List

Rise of the Berzerkers , A World in Despair , I Am the Legion , Of Blood and Ash , Obliterate the Weak , The Falling Dawn , The King of All Masters , Upon the Thraone of Mortem , A Lurking Evil , In the Name of the Father

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